Okey so float is bigger than shares outstanding you say?

  1. Bed bath showed the same thing for months. RC is on to something here. Bed Bath showed float of 130m with 79.89m outstanding until about a week after RC posted his buy. It still shows over 100% ownership.

  2. BB is Black berry.... BBB Y is the one you are talking about. Not sure if I can post the ticker so i put a space before the Y

  3. Not to mention it states the "public float" is significantly higher than the outstanding shares... public float doesn't include insider, institution or etf shares.

  4. Float is around 35 mil shares I believe. So this means approx. triple the amount of shares being traded than should be available to trade. Assuming this number is correct.

  5. This is a repost from the last few weeks. Both numbers reflected outsated info (pre-buy back). They were called out, but only changged the one number. Its not crime and they don't have secret market info.

  6. To be honest. With all the fake iou’s going around this is mostely true. Except that public float should be way higher than this if iou’s are included.

  7. The numbers from all their sources fail to add up properly every few months. It's what happens when the shorters have to juggle what data is visible to who when there's like 6 sources. Every once in a while, for a few days, the truth bleeds through.

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