GME FTD Report... Cracking This Coconut... and How It's All Coming Together...

  1. I am trying to understand what is being said here. I have tried to re-phrase it so please let me know if this is correct:

  2. yeah i dont mind if the price dip to $100 or even below, im waiting to buy a lot more at lower prices b4 the dividend split

  3. Really great post! Looking back in time with data that is a few weeks old is really challenging but you hit the nail on the head.

  4. If RC has material non public info, say like launch of an NFT marketplace, he can’t trade. All the more reason for the marketplace to be launched next week and then insider buys before the window closes. That would fuck with the hedgies plan.

  5. This would be the perfect timing to release a marketplace and a split-dividend at the beginning of July to really fuck them. If someone was smrt this is probably what they would do.

  6. My theory is 7/1 at 4 pm market close we get the marketplace and IOS app, Fomo builds over the 3 day weekend. On the 4th of july we get the split anouncement, July 5th is Tuesday morning. 10 days after the split annoucement on 7/14 Bastile Day is the split

  7. Link seems tenuous at best, I would wait for some solid news. The smrt'st thing to do is to release the product when it's completely functional and operates without bugs. Things need to be polished and go smoothly from the get go. That takes a lot of work and it would be better for the company to release a solid product than to release it by a certain date.

  8. ...but they always short us when there are company news, good or bad. Still, if the leadership manages to build a productive company that isn't worth shorting all that becomes moot.

  9. Send a complaint to the SEC, articulating exactly how this behavior relates to the options risk alert memo. Organization should be banned from trading for market manipulation.

  10. I need to have a good sit down with someone much more intelligent than myself before I figure out contracts to the extend I want to understand them.

  11. This is some good fuckin DD. I’d allow my quants to come out from the floorboards/cold storage more often if they came to me with DD like this.

  12. So when is the end game here and when is this nonsense gonna stop. I’m tired of hitting max pain. I’m Just rage DRSing at this point

  13. You’d need to have followed my research since 2019/2020 to understand it. This post is a response to a theory which was a response to av theory which predicted the $40 price drop way back in the day.

  14. I think it lines up with that gap in the daily around 115. Let's see. Timing means it's probably the dip before the riptm.

  15. We got played this OPEX, they seen all the apes options contracts, many being weeklies and tanked it on us in the space of 2 minutes, not only smashing the contracts OTM but also IV crushing everyone.

  16. Excellent content- some ape historian comments - would you mind creating a short series that summarises your posts? Even if it is just the top 5 posts you have that showcase your research as a comment to this comment? Would be very helpful in my archival

  17. Wow OP, this is great work showing exactly how this works! If anyone didn't understand or believe before, they certainly should now.

  18. This guy knows his shit. No need to discuss as these ideas have Been through peer reviews and this is what’s happening.

  19. So SEC even more complicit, just like the CTFC obscuring swap data. The SEC "failing" to put out on time or even correct FTD data. Buy, HODL, DRS.

  20. Op, only thing that makes me squirm is saying "they hope" the market brings it down to $100. I don't think tbe CBOE bets on "hope" theres a puzzle piece missing for the sub $100 drop, or they only can bring it down to that $116 range due to something unseen. Thoughts?

  21. Ok. FTD proof they're attacking options chains. And they're going to knock us down to $100 or $90 or something to keep GME off the threshold list.

  22. I can't believe that I am actually hoping the stock goes down at this point so I can just keep buying DRS and repeat.

  23. Right?... had to scroll way down to find the good news!... im loading spare cash, waiting for another dip.

  24. After all the DD about how options gives premium to Kenny and how they manipulate to max pain, ESPECIALLY after this last week, that the autists on da bets would still yolo options like theirs no next week. Maybe they truly can't read

  25. I still don't fully understand how unexercised options activity affects the stock in price discovery. Gherkinit linked an old DD trying to explain it when I asked (pre ban obv), but wondering if any wrinkle brains can explain in ELIA terms.

  26. Hey thanks for making an opening comment about going to enjoy the weekend. Totally read the first line after lunchtime and decided to get off the couch and go play soccer with my son in the backyard.

  27. This post makes me feel they have been confidently, albeit frantically unwinding positions using the options market. Many have seen the patterns before and it is a sign that a plan has been implemented since at least last summer.

  28. I believe the data is valid, you‘ve proven your point. What I don‘t think is going to happen is people selling because they tank the price (or did I misunderstand your argument?). Most apes here will happily buy above their cost average and proceed to direct register those stocks. The lower the price goes, the faster we lock the float.

  29. Traders in options servers/youtubes have been selling hedgies their shares based on being fed misleading (opposite) information by their gurus. Citadel's been scooping up retail shares via exercising puts and covered calls sold by retail for the past few months. Additionally leaders in those communities encouraged a lot of retail to flat out sell their shares in hopes of rebuying at lower prices that never came.

  30. Can someone define what... stop loss is? I know stop gain, and was wondering if they are the same thing. Thanks!

  31. You all would have known this months ago if the mods weren’t compromised and banned all the DD writers.

  32. Is this serious? How do you know this? Where is the best place to read relevant investigation? ddintogme or whatever? Or do you just know this because you actually have a wrinkle brain and research the stocks you buy independently lol

  33. Not sure what you mean by saying "shares up for grabs if the price drops below xx". A put gives you the right to sell shares at the agreed price, it doesn't actually give you the shares.

  34. Lol any way we could start going short then intentionally fail to deliver 500k shares for a week? Quick someone find out how to become a market maker /s

  35. So how would those put $$ numbers work if they announced the dividend split? Do those options get exercise at the current market price no matter what?

  36. Would this month's runs to $148-$153 likely correlate to the FTDs at all? I know March ran to $199 but some had speculated that was originally expected to take place in February based on it being a quarter post-November run up.

  37. I don't like price predictions tbh, especially the ones saying that the price will go down. Greedy apes may try to sell now and try to re-buy later. I was this greedy ape before, always lost money at the end of the day.

  38. Its always a huge dip coming. And im not gonna be suprise if we see 80-120$ once again. Those big dips never ends 😂

  39. Underrated find. It's actually an important cornerstone which just as promised ties together many questions and provides a likely answer. Thank you.

  40. Do you think the Russel 1000 addition is of any influence? I remember last time we got there (which was on a Friday too) everyone said T+2 was gonna be volatile. I hear nobody talk about that this time but wouldn’t that be this Tuesday morning?

  41. Great call, just read this and it seems to line up with the price action this week. It's interesting if the option chain really shows future movement. Do you have data to see how many puts were exercised at 120 this week (OI change)? Seems like there's so much pressure around 120 on the chart, but it can barely stay under. Are they running out of ammo to move the price?

  42. If this is true, selling puts at their same strikes or higher will counter them. They can tank the price but if it does and you are in the middle and get ITM w a sold put, it will create more FTD. I’m w you on the option CBOE thing. But check selling vs buying contracts bc is my speculation the counter of their selling calls is buying puts and not buying the calls.

  43. It is, but this post seems to be showing why (retail options purchases are funding and helping Citadel) rather than contributing to it, unless I'm misunderstanding the chain of DD and author's comments

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