Why would Papa Cohen buy 15000 deep out of the money call contracts for Bath stock for Jan 2023?

  1. Well theres 80 million shares that exist so that would put the value of BBBY at 6.4 billion if it ever hit. Kohls trades for over 5 billion, wayfair is 6 billion. Every other competitor is worth 10’s of billions. The company currently being worth 550 million is an absolute joke Cohen intends to take advantage of. How many people stepped up to buy GME at 6 or 7 bucks? Even a buy at 30 looks amazing compared to its current price. Did you have to have sleepless nights from volatility? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. This is a ground floor opportunity

  2. Their earnings are on the 29th. They sent out voting materials and per agreement RC gets 3 seats at their board. If anyone holds this stonk, maybe not a bad idea to vote them in?

  3. BBBY in the six dollar range does look tasty AF. And I can sell those off instead of my locked up DRS GME shares that I plan to have my family and I became generational hodlers, F it.... I'm in.

  4. This is kinda the most reasonable take imo. He can indirectly profit as BBBY has literally zero to do with GME at least for now and as far as any regulatory agency is concerned. And there's absolutely deniability at every turn seeing as he wants to eventually include BBBY in the GME turnaround

  5. nobody bats anywhere near 1.000 on their investments…for however good RC is, he’s not infallible so this might be a huge loser.

  6. those 15k contracts gives him the right to buy, so if he buys 5% worth of the company with that right then yes

  7. Does he seem like the type that would sell his options shortly after ? I find it hard to believe he bought the calls to sell immediately, especially after writing a letter to the board, acquiring 9.8 percent of company , and saying shares were undervalued at 30 per share.

  8. Also would like to know. The share price jumped significantly after the news came out. Be a lot cooler if he rolled those profits into GME.

  9. Hes betting moass will happen before 2023. The only way for BBBY to reach those levels are with a squeeze and he knows that. The stock cannot organically grow to 80 dollars a share in less then a year without some sort of major catalyst that causes all the stocks in the same basket to squeeze. Moass will be sometime this year hopefully alot sooner than later.

  10. Catalyst is selling off BuyBuyBaby which is worth $1B according to his letter to the board.

  11. I disagree. I think he’s going to pull BBBY into the Web 3.0 space. He’s building a meta verse after all, and this is untapped competition for Amazon. He’s a builder, not a hustler. Squeeze or no squeeze, he a value man who likes to delight his customers, through and through.

  12. That’s not necessarily it. Short Hedgefunds do this too but having the ‘ability’ to buy the shares without actually owning them straight up as a way to cover FTDs. It allows you to hold a much larger potential amount of shares ‘on paper’ at a cheaper rate than shares or ITM calls

  13. I just checked the BBBY ticker and it says 79.89 outstanding, but only 67M in the public float. Is this a glitch? Or is he pointing us to something?

  14. BBBY and GME would make for great footholes in order to control Amazon's Cellar Boxing strategy I think. It would make for a good start to an Amazon-like competitor in expanding markets without an all encompassing umbrella company and it keeps Amazon at bay in a sense from absorbing more retail stores

  15. I don't know hit net worth but that is about 500k just for the 60 strike. Is this like me putting 20% of my worth on a bet or is it closer to like 1%?

  16. Definitely closer to 1%. Not sure his net worth either but I know he’s a billionaire so even if it’s only 1 billion, 500k is only 0.05%.

  17. RC prolly got some gag order or limit on how much GME options he can buy so the economy doesnt eat as much shit. So he went with BBY to make his money and prolly has a buisness idea to bring it back to completly take out Amzn. IMO

  18. It was in GME filing. From what I remember, GME insiders are only allowed to hold shares. No hedging, no options etc

  19. If you look at it from the lense of putting up the capital to exercise those calls - he will need to put a huge amount of his wealth up to exercise those calls at that strike. Knowing Cohen and seeing all his moves and buys, probably safe to say he plans to exercise in a squeeze scenario

  20. Can bring it in to the gmerica circle of friendship abd create a partnership on one site that sells household items, baby stuff, video games and more!

  21. Plot twist, he’s going to take over bath stock and roll it into the marketplace. Now they can offer more product without having to break into new markets

  22. Ok random thought, in the army there’s a tactic called anvil and hammer. Basically it takes two primary forces, the first is the anvil, used to pin down the enemy, the second the hammer is used to break the enemy, close with and destroy them. Gme is the anvil, it’s the stationary primary force pinning the hedgies down, the bbby is the hammer, it’s going to smash the hedge funds defenses. Going to post this solo to see if it holds water.

  23. I forgot the term for that tactic, and I think it's an appropriate interpretation. My guess is that he was looking at a lot of other stocks in the basket and picked one that could turnaround and fuk hedgies even harder than GME alone.

  24. It is telling, he bought in and bought options. Whether it’s for his own interests or ours it’s bullish.

  25. Bed Bath and Beyond stock should be in the $90 range based only on assets and inventory. It is currently heavily shorted and BCG is involved in trying to destroy it. RC has a plan but it’s unclear what that is. Personally I am buying bbby because I know RC has the Midas touch.

  26. Could you elaborate on the 90USD part? I am so glad that this conversation is going on because I bought some yesterday only because I remember someone here mentioned RC bought it earlier this year.

  27. If I was cohen I would make a blockchain stock exchange. No smoke and mirrors, no intermediaries, straight up price action. We know tickets can be moved off exchanges if it can be proven there’s manipulation. How hard is that??? The DTCC paper that came out yesterday proves that. What company wouldn’t want to be safe from illegal market activity?

  28. Don't be surprised if RC isn't around GameStop for too long post-transition. Given his career history, I'd say it's more likely he is setting up Bed Bath and Beyond as his next business transformation project, rather than something to be folded into GameStop.

  29. Well if he can't sell GME during MOASS for legal reasons, he sure as he'll can sell other stocks in the swap basket for profit

  30. Would be careful with assumptions with respect to a BBBY short squeeze and it's magnitude. The main catalysts here is the divestiture of baby division. There is heavy institutional ownership on BBBY (90%) and these firms will dump shares given a large price run up (look at institutional sales in GME in Jan2021), which will limit the maximum price if it squeezed - Cohen's $60c and $80c options could move ITM, but this could simply be a hedge if he wanted to add more shares (note option IV on BBBY is crazier then for GME).

  31. Maybe to show that purchasing leap options isn’t a bad idea like some people try to claim it is, but to also stay away from otm weeklies?

  32. We don't know if he still has them. Those contracts were extremely profitable right after he bought them, he may have sold.

  33. BBBY will squeeze with GME and I bet they are going to announce they are selling Buy Buy Baby and will use it to eliminate all debt and have cash on hand while transitioning to an e-commerce business. RCV finds untapped potential

  34. bbby was trading in the $20s at the time and he bought $60 calls.. 3x price. ngl i took it as a hint and loaded up on Jan 23 $300 calls wen we were trading under $100 few weeks ago ..now we wait

  35. I think a big part of his gameplan to fuck with Wall Street is to weaponize the power of signaling. The hedge fucks have been getting away with open signaling and coordination forever, and he's telling us with all his balls that he thinks the squeeze will be before they expire.

  36. Those contracts have become more of an IV play at this point considering he bought them closer to $20 than where we are now.

  37. Nah it will be this year sometime. It’s too risky for him to make that bet unless he’s confident it will rocket way before that

  38. I have no evidence to back this up but I have wondered if it has to do with distribution. If you remember GameStop bought some seriously large warehouses a while back. And something tells me that they're not only intended to be filled with stuff only for GameStop stores. If someone wanted an "American" alternative to Amazon, BBBY would be a good way to start.

  39. If a contract is in the money 80$ do you have to pay 80 a share or the price of the day you purchased contracts?

  40. Maybe the same reason that DFV bought all of his shares and options of GME before things went crazy last January. BBBY is maybe in the same situation; heavily shorted with a future plan to up their business model. Now we're all actually paying attention this time instead of bashing the idea.

  41. His main position is in shares? Since this time it seems the stock has been massively shorted....was this just a sort of....text or experiment to see where the sharks are located? How deeply against him the entire market is? Cannon fodder?

  42. Such a great play! Keep GME locked up, profit off MOASS from BBBY. He's a wizard Harry! 🚀🦍💎

  43. I don’t think this is for MOASS profit. I think he wants the option to buy a big chunk of the float so he can leverage that for a take over/buy out. Why does he wanna take over BBBY? I have no clue.

  44. If this isn't a sign that he plans to drop dividends to start MOASS before Jan 2023 then I don't understand life... now where did I put my crayons...nomnomnom

  45. Seems like free money at these price? Or is it just me? Im like 90% in gme But have some money left to buy, think BBBY could be a golden ticket here also.

  46. I'm a BoBBY boy in a BoBBY world price is drastic in a basket you can buy a bed maybe even a bath imagination not in this inflation come on BoBBY let's go party

  47. I hope he didn’t, but he could’ve sold his contracts by now. He bought in around $12 iirc and it went to $20+ quickly after revealing his stake. He would’ve profited

  48. I bought Nokia calls for Jan 2023. Super cheap. I'm assuming all the "memes" stocks will rise with MOASS and RC's calls was my green light to buy them. Otherwise 100% gme

  49. Maybe he bought deep OTM calls in BBBY because they're cheap and so he could write calls against those. I like the squeeze theory personally and I too have bought a few calls in Bathstock but there's any number of things he could be doing with them.

  50. Bought Bath stock at 16 when it came back down from the run after RC announced his stake. Bought all the way down to 5.98. now have XXX shares with cost average down to 9.70. should be down to 9 with my next scoop. Ive started averaging up again with my GME shares too. Can't help collect em. Will be much easier sell my bath stock then my GME tho. Most of those bad boys will stay in the pool forever 🚀🚀🚀

  51. Only thing that sucks though is many of us have held gme over a year so taxes are much better while most of us have recently purchased bath stock

  52. This also completely relies on something happening, otherwise they expire worthless. With all the new stuff that has just come to light about waving margin requirements and brokers not being connected to exchanges, can we be sure that ANYTHING will cause MOASS in time/ever?

  53. I don’t like how you were downvoted, so I’ll give you my upvote. Nobody should be shamed for having questions surrounding the MOASS. We are all just here to learn

  54. It may not be a MOASS, but a shoot back up to even 20 bucks is a 400% plus gain at these levels. Even if the strikes never hit 7 bucks is too cheap

  55. Damn bro, you have insider info on why RC bought options? Because if you don't, you should stfu and drs, fuck options

  56. Flat brained january 21 ape from sweden here, wtf has Bath stonk with GME to do?! Am i missing somthing? Greetings from Sweden.

  57. GameStop gna provide games, accessories, electronics, toys. Official partnership with bbby. Bed bath gna provide the beyond. And have gmemerica stuff. They got the warehouse space and the store fronts.

  58. Is there really any point in buying bath shares? If the stock price does go to $80, that’s an increase of 11x. GME however is expected to go up…at least 7000x. I understand RC bought options and this will allow him to profit off of MOASS without having to sell his GME, but does it make sense for retail to buy in as well?

  59. I've been wondering if the B.ad B.oy B.usiness Y.eet has something to do with the real estate the badbitchbaby stores sit on. I'm thinking these stores may end of being our Gmerica stores

  60. I bought 200x80$ and 50x30$ for the same date. My dick twitches a bit when I look at RC. And went it twitches, something goes right.

  61. i think RC gave us a blueprint where to make money without selling GME. hea always saying he wants to bring value to shareholders no?

  62. Since it's nothing more then pocket change for him,,, it's most likely a distraction. It's certainly not a serious move by any measure

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