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  1. Super interesting. I had not heard about the massive amount of debt connected to the high speed rails in China. Can’t wait to see how it plays out. 🔥

  2. Havent watched vid yet but would that mean there would be government bonds on those rail lines and would these have a default risk that could just possibly be increasing of late, and per Ryan face and name swaps indiciating Swaps, could this tie into Credit Default Swaps on Chinese local and provincial governments?

  3. I think its just cos he was one of the first to do the RC supermodel faceswaps and they started off really fucking funny

  4. The memes are fun but I’m aching for something substantive after today. I’m going to hold forever, but I’d really like to see the ruling class eat shit sooner than later.

  5. “they [railway] are a symbol of the country's economic power, rapid modernization, growing technological prowess and increasing prosperity…what took decades in the 19th and early 20th centuries is being achieved in just a few years by China.”

  6. They waste time with descriptions, they lose out on being first. They lose out on being first, they get no karma. Vicious cycle.

  7. He’s constantly interacting with that Daniel guy. Like probably 6 or 7 times now. I wonder why.

  8. Do not let comments that invoke political commentary get to you. These are the same tricks that dismantled occupy wallstreet 10 years ago. Apes are apolitical.

  9. But what does it MEAN. Is this sarcastic or like, am I dumb and China is doing something fantastic that we should know about and adopt?

  10. You can gander at another country's qualities and have envy or be supportive. You don't have to be pro anything. Again. People need to realize RC is for the people. Not left or right. He wants all humans to be respected equally.

  11. Chinese doesn’t always mean Chinese government. The people of China have incredible drive, work ethic, have lived through atrocities, and are very unified. The CCP has their fair share of issues, but every superpower does. I don’t think RC is pro CCP but I could be wrong.

  12. Reading people react to RC’s tweets is like seeing religious people react to the Bible. Everyone has a different (but unquestionably adoring) interpretation, typically interpreted as positive reinforcement for whatever they’re thinking about right now, but nevertheless many levels removed from what the text literally says.

  13. Guys I think I know what this means. Basically China is a country and some stuff and things mean something is going to happen at some point.

  14. What is this guys deal with China? He knows they are being accused of commiting a genocide to the Uyghur people over their, right? I am not a fan of this love for China. Where is the zeal for protecting your shareholders investment chairman???

  15. This is absolutely a script running in the background cross posting the tweets here 😂😂😂

  16. OMG. I am so over these tweets. When stock split? When dividend that’s going to make the HF’s close their short positions? When MOASS?

  17. Yeah, it's getting old for real. I have invested what I'm going to so I'm not really freaking out it's just another part of my portfolio but gawd damb he needs to either do something or stop fucking grifting.

  18. I’m kind of guessing when the MOASS takes place and he is getting lawsuits, the excuse is going to be “Oh, no I was talking about their soup, not a stock split, are you crazy?”

  19. Hum... Does it mean you will enter china market? China have 1.4 billions population, 720 millions are gamers, w revenue of $45b as of 2021. It will be a great move to expand into China. Better yet, move the entire stock exchange to China. Dttc & sec is deeply disappoint so far.

  20. I know they are communist, however it would be identical to what we are experiencing now anyways. Least we will be on DEX

  21. I think he's licking China's balls a little too hard. I loathe to give any credit to commies, no matter how impressive their rail network is. It was probably at least partially built with slave labor, and I don't differentiate a minimum wage Chinese worker from slaves. It's a miserable life they live and we shouldn't have any trade with countries that don't have a comparable minimum wage to ours.

  22. Uhh. You realize that we also use slave labor? 13th amenent haha. Also our minimum wage is also practically slave labor.

  23. What, you mean the boomer covid cartoons in 2022 or fully embracing a corrupt government that enslaves people for their religious affiliation aren’t normal??

  24. Gamestop probably imports cheap shit from China like most companies do. If they say or do anything the commies find offensive they don't get the cheap shit. So they all toe the line and lick China's balls.

  25. Well, I know if I have 50 gorrilion dollars I would start my own high speed rail network because it shouldn't take over 3 fucking hours to get from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA (~280km for rest of the world).

  26. China's gonna get crushed by evergrande defaulting for the 50th time? 😂 That's my cryptic tweet guess

  27. Uhhh fuck this actually. And your stupid facial hair. How long do you plan on apes propping up your company? Either deliver or shave that stupid shit off your face. Actually… just do both.

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