Did you ever wish you could tell the future? Like, at least 24hrs in advance? Apparently, these assholes have super powers! lol. Also, can we welcome back negative BETA? I missed you!

  1. They constantly change old articles as needed and leave the time stamp as if that’s giving any integrity to their institution.

  2. We’ll likely all be watching it together! 🤣 Then posting screen grabs for the time capsule… or an NFT? 🤔

  3. Does it? Ok, so you’re a communications and media publisher and this screenshot isn’t at all misleading? I think you actually proved my point.

  4. My buddy that I talk stocks with sent me this, he’s bearish on GME, (although, he certainly belongs here because he echoes the same stuff we’ve been saying forever) I’m sure he’ll find the way eventually, but yea, I’m not sure what he searched for, I’ll ask and comment with an update. I apologize, I don’t have a link, the masses don’t read the story anyway, I’m simply pointing out that they can apparently tell the future. It’s trash.

  5. I would have been impressed if you would have found it yesterday and posted it yesterday then we could have all bought calls and used our earnings to lock the float.

  6. Wall street’s quota for bag holding hasn’t been reached so these multi conspirators are trying to entice retail investors and retirement account holders to jump into the murky waters. Temperature is fine! Look at this week’d stock market ending rebound! Banks are not only fine but they want to share their dividend with customers. Please bring your money and hold our bags!! Mfs— DRS. No mercy 🦍

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