OMG . u/DeepFuckingValue literally broke reddit. What gives? Try it

  1. When I click your link I get a choice to send a message, view posts, and view comments. It works for me on RedReader, I can view both and also made a comment on his last post.

  2. It's a bug. I think it came from the gambling sub mods, admins contacted them and that DFV post broke their award system and they had to fix it. Looks like it accumulated enough to re-break. I see negative awards on on my PC for just that post.

  3. Same on mine. This is the weirdest, albeit first, LARPing I’ve ever been involved in. Such a weird game. You unlock one thing and they lock something else. We broke the code. And I am highhhhhhh happy weekend!

  4. Just tried it and my iOS Reddit app crashed. Just like Robinhood, Reddit did not calculate idiosyncratic risks caused by this one stock.

  5. Just clicking on his profile crashes the Reddit app for me as well. Tried it 5 times… and every time it crashed.

  6. This happens for me too. I’ve heard it works in the full site on pc. Haven’t tested that, might just be a mobile thing?

  7. Holy shittt .. it’s still happening. Reddit is shutting off when I check dfv’s user … crazyyyy

  8. I went on his page and upvoted a few, it literally rolls in back right after you like it. Either that's some serious bot action or reddit has a max karma limit.

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