FROM THE US HOUSE COMMITTEE - CONFIRMED - That Ken Griffin LIED under Oath to Congress - There is NO DENYING it now... #KENGRIFFINLIED #VLADLIEDTOO - Ken Griffin needs to be held accountable for this action!

  1. it isn't, I've been trying to educate people for almost 2 years. This is just one of the reasons people struggle to believe the true DD, is over simplification due to lack of understanding like this. Robinhood CLEARING and Robinhood BROKER are different entities. The words that were spoken by him and vlad both, were picked to "technically" tell the truth, which is all RICO cares about. Robinhood CLEARING told Robinhood BROKER to restirct. Citadel also has various entities. Citadel HEDGEFUND, did not tell Robinhood BROKER anything. That's all they've ever said, but until people understand that, nobody will ever ask the question to them the right way and they'll still get to hide behind the same half truth.

  2. My guess is that move was to get in good with De Santos in an effort to get him into the white house. Scary thought.

  3. reasonable response i saw was because they are going to do layoffs and up and moving gives them cover because some folks just wont make that move

  4. Proven fact: you can lie directly to congress with zero repercussions. Source: literally every congressional hearing. Specifically 9/11 and beyond.

  5. Up to 5 years - but this also could be considered Insider trading as they traded it the next day too KNOWING this was coming... Punishment for that is up to 20 years

  6. Do we know if Citadel has a position in Robinhood? Always seems to have a decent day when there's bad news. Or maybe it's just returning a favor for Vlad.

  7. Didn’t somebody sue DTCC and Robinhood for colluding and the case was thrown out for insufficient evidence? Would this be sufficient evidence to re-open the case?? I’m no lawyer but I have a few wrinkles in criminal justice

  8. I challenge everyone who is responding to this with some variation of "oh well, nothing will be done" to reframe that thought because it's literally the only thing protecting them. They are BANKING on you accepting a broken system to protect them.

  9. Respectfully, this entire thing is public and nothing has happened. They released this report on the single most polarizing day in American history since Civil Rights.

  10. Does anyone have the KG clip with the full quote? I seem to remember him being adamant that there were no discussions about making the stocks PCO (which was proven untrue by the released RH texts IIRC), but don’t remember if he mentioned PFOF.

  11. He may try to weasel himself out by pointing to specifically HIM not have spoken to robinhood - but maybe other citadel employees. I think he also tried that narrative back at the hearing.

  12. Story time. I drive Uber and picked up a husband and wife from Chicago. Idol chitchat turned to businesses leaving Chicago for tax giveaway states like Tennessee. Including Shitadel. And their 1000 jobs. I piped up and said well, isn’t Citadel the bad guy? 1001 people making bets against America. Dude didn’t say much the rest of the short trip but I think I got a look of “I get it. Kenny is FUKD.” Hope he drs some GME through CS soon.

  13. I think it would be good to explain this post, since it is claiming that something illegal was confirmed. What is the source? What is reference 202 in the first sentence? Where is this screenshot from? It’s hard to follow, and someone not from superstonk would think it’s just a conspiracy with just wild claims and no evidence

  14. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure any semi competent lawyer could dissect the questions and answers and dissolve any potential litigation. What this really needs is the court of public opinion pressure that has been applied. My friend Joe always said that knowing is half the battle.

  15. They knew it from Discovery in the lawsuit... not as PART of the findings of the committee. That makes it directly related... and SHOULD have no excuse not to bring it forward

  16. Dude, three of the supreme court justices also lied under oath. Lying under oath is not a crime unless you are a poor minority.

  17. Remember at the first hearing with Ken and his lawyers and dfv ,ken g said Reddit users were saying anti semetic things to him 😂😂😂😂

  18. The report states that Citadel threatened to refuse order flow if Robinhood didn't adjust its PFOF rebate calculation. RH used some type of special formula that gave it more profit. Jan '21 order flow was so massive their rebates became too large for the MMs to handle so Citadel complained and was not willing to pay that much. RH changed the rate. They argued but I wouldn't say they're against each other.

  19. I'm glad rico is back on the menu but I'd also like to see some more zeros in my account

  20. The thing is... if they broke the law in order to save rich powerful people from going under. Nothing will happen because of this, unless they feel threatened. They will then throw one weaker one under the bus.

  21. Fuck Ken, vlad, Shitadel, PFOF, the SEC, FTC, BofA, Chase, Susquehanna, GG, and anyone else colluding with them. 🖕🤨🖕

  22. This will be buried because of the supreme court stuff today. I hope someone sues him or something

  23. I totally forgot about this Time or Life magazine photo. What a fucking psycho. Who the fuck takes a photo like this in real life. We are right. He’s fucked up. It’s so obvious. Can’t wait for redemption. He’s like a movie villain. What a fucking weirdo ass hat.

  24. Not a mind just taking a photo like this, but deciding this was the best photo for the cover of a magazine? Shows how he likes to perceive himself

  25. That's what we all think. But you won't. You can't because you need the next mark to hold your bags.

  26. Honestly... possibly not. Whatever about the lie, but the corruption behind all of this and potential of the global financial collapse on top of everything else going on in the world... I'd say this should be a pretty high priority.

  27. I can't from this photo... Like for real somebody decided that this image gonna send a strong signal? It looks more like he is casting for a crazy villain role somewhere

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