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  1. Publicly traded companies and their shareholders, their employees, their executives are completely denigrated by elected officials and regulators calling their shares of company “Meme” stocks. Memes are meant to elicit humor, and while some people may think it’s funny to invest in these companies, it’s completely inappropriate for those overseeing our markets to refer to them as such. I hope they all pay for it.

  2. Wow, so the brokers didn’t shut off the buy button to save someone’s ass. They did it to save all their asses

  3. Key finding we're intentionally ignoring: this was all intentional from the start and applies to everything in the market. Acknowledging the race to the bottom is core to capitalism's concentration of ownership in the hands of few and would mean an obligation to address it. We're just going to blame Robinhood for all of it and go back to business as usual.

  4. I encourage everyone to actually read the full 138 pages. There are a lot of very interesting points and the internal communications within RH are insane.

  5. And that, my simians, is why we say that history is written by the victors. Too bad for them that this is just getting started

  6. Key finding #4 is the only one that matters now. Margin calls will never happen for the shorts. The DTCC has too much invested to allow that. This is why I think RC isn’t going to dividend anything until the free float is locked at something absurd, like over 70%. I really do think the smart move is to wait til it’s locked at 90%, then dividend. And hey, if you believe in the company….

  7. Are they really still calling them "Meme Stocks"? How insulting to actual investors in an legitimate company that provides top tier products to delight customers. Where's the meme?

  8. Key Finding #5: Neither Robinhood, nor Citadel, nor the DTCC will be fined so much as $1500.00, even though their ineptitude (read: crime) cost retail traders billions

  9. A lot of you guys are missing the point, which is that this is now on official government record which gives the claims and the DD even more credibility to "average" retail investors. It's one thing for it to come from "the internet," but Maxine Waters is a credible and trusted voice along the lines of Elizabeth Warren. This report is also probably not so much for apes as it is everyone else. You guys are essentially upset that the claims we've been making have been taken seriously and proven true because "Well, we told you that!" Like, duh, and that's why they investigated it officially for themselves.

  10. In other words, here is a summary of what everyone already knows. There is no foreseeable changes as it will affect how we illegally siphon money from the market. If such an event were to happen again, we will happily take the same measures and use another fall guy to take the blame.

  11. Wait why does it keep mentioning “meme stock event”. Lady it’s called naked shorting. I’m sick of hearing “meme stock” as if retail is to blame. Let’s call it what it is CRIME

  12. Why do I only see Robinhood mentioned everywhere in their report when there were actors like Schwab who are like 20 times as big as Robinhood or IBKR. Shouldn't it be a bigger concern for regulatory bodies that big actors acted the way they did instead of a small dip shit actor like Robinhood?

  13. Also we released the report the same day as the biggest supreme court news in 30 years so only a handful of apes on that read-it site will even notice!

  14. If they changed it to be more fair, then how are these poor congresspersons going to be able to make their fortune? It’s better to provide the promise of change and then hope we all move on to the next outrageous corruption scandal, rinse, repeat

  15. No. This is only their initial report. To actually see action you might have to wait a few hundred years

  16. There wpmt be any. It's just a ploy to make it look like they care. They're all bought and paid and to what their told to do. They don't want change. Change means they won't make fractional billion on a 6 digit salary

  17. And threw up! I’m assuming but the sound is unmistakable and he looks sick following this, and really prior. Why would someone innocent need (at least) 5 lawyers in the room with him, read off a teleprompter and throw up under oath.. lmao. I’d love to have seen this In person or court. He wouldn’t have been able to get away with any of that.

  18. "We promised we'd eventually tell you just how fucked the system is, and now I just did via a Tweet a year later that basically no one will see or care about..."

  19. Oh good, so the next time one of us gets margin called, just ask them to waive it like they did for RH. Shouldn't be a problem if they can afford to waive almost 10 billion dollars. A few thousand for me no big deal.

  20. no discussions regarding Apex clearing house - check ! the risk IS the clearing houses bc they cannot clear what doesnt exist

  21. This was my take away from reading this. Those recommendations just show how behind the times clearing houses, the brokering system, and regulators understanding is. Seems like universal T+0 has become more necessary than ever to stop selling what an organization doesn't have and can't get.

  22. Lol considering how Maxine suddenly wiped her twitter history after the hearing, I’m not the least in doubt she’s in their pockets.

  23. I know you know this, but it’s worth keeping in mind that these slimey politicians aren’t 16 months behind. They know exactly what happened, they know how horribly retail is being exploited, and they know the severity of Wall Street’s financial terrorism mafia. The problem is, these slimey weasel politicians are paid off or blackmailed. They literally are just a puppet, paid to be in that position, to do and say whatever their puppet masters wants them to. And the puppet master is just someone that has access to a fuck ton of money. And the Wall Street Financial Terrorist Mafia has the billions or trillions of dollars, and this mafia owns our media and politicians.

  24. It's just every stock in the meme market which is part of the meme economy which you pay for with meme money which is created by the federal reserve and their meme printers regulated by the securities and meme commission. The only stock which isn't a meme is GME.

  25. Can you edit to make that accurate? It’s not being added, it’s already there. It’s being moved from “growth” division to “value” division. Still bullish but not sure it will have any direct impact.

  26. The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) waived $9.7 billion of collateral deposit requirements on January 28, 2021. The DTCC lacks detailed, written policies and procedures for waiver or modification of a "disincentive” charge it calculates for brokers that are deemed to be undercapitalized and has regularly waived such charges during periods of acute volatility in the two years before the Meme Stock Market Event.

  27. I don't want a fucking report on what we already fucking know - they're all fucking criminals making bank off the backs of hard working people. I want fucking heads to roll, I want financial terrorists locked up, I want complete reformation of this fraudulent fucking system. This kow-towing, garbage can of a report is good for nothing more than wiping the shit off my arse.

  28. This is like the police making a report that a serial killer is at large, but they aren’t taking any further actions to stop the killer. Just letting you know there’s a killer out there!

  29. “Apex Clearing estimates that within the next 25 years, $70 trillion of wealth is expected to transfer from Baby Boomers to younger generations, including Millennials and Generation Z, who are more likely to favor stocks that are popular on social media.” Oh I wonder how that’s all gonna transfer?

  30. Seriously, I’ve watched way too many of these committee hearings this year and swear I’d rather have a handful of wrinkles from this sub asking questions than some of these representatives. I was watching the Powell hearing yesterday and know I would’ve asked better questions than some of those clowns.

  31. I didn’t read, but why do I have the feeling it will tell us what we know, but not what we want to confirm?

  32. Maxine Waters took money from Robinhood and she didn't recuse herself during the hearings or even mentioned it.

  33. Finally, the Committee’s investigation discovered evidence of multiple broker-dealers, third party clearing operations, market makers, public stock exchanges, and others suffering technology outages during the Meme Stock Market Event. Outages are particularly concerning among market makers, who are, by many accounts, lightly regulated and play an increasingly significant role in executing retail trades. 23 There is currently no FINRA or SEC requirement for broker-dealers to be active members of a public exchange, and on January 28, 2021, Robinhood was not connected to the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, or any other public exchange where it could have routed customer trades for execution. Instead, Robinhood was solely reliant on its market maker firms to execute trades, most of whom were struggling under significant operational stress in the face of historic volume and volatility. Had the market makers Robinhood routinely routed orders to been unable to accept its order flow, the company would have been unable to execute trades for its customers.

  34. "I led" lol. She is too funny. Dont care who led the finding of information. I'm more interested in what someones going to do about it.

  35. It looks like this investigation is all about risk management between broker/dealers. I doesn't go into 140-220% short interest that caused the volatility to begin with

  36. This Maxine bitch ain’t gonna do fucking shit for us, she’s in the pocket of the exact fucking losers we want to take down.

  37. senators grouping specific securities and giving them a derogatory term "meme stocks", which implies that they do not represent a serious investment...this needs to be reported to the SEC as market manipulation

  38. Tldr: The ‘technical outages’ were caused by retail investors who coordinated on social media. Sec and congress should place further restriction on retail investors as they are clearly the problem.

  39. PDF Link. By looking at it or commented to the link (dont have acct), assuming there's some IT recording # of views, it shows how invested people still are to the corrupt actions 1.5yrs ago

  40. "We've investigated ourselves avs found we did nothing wrong". The queen of corruption is going to find corruption? Fuck. Please.

  41. Maxine “The Poverty Pimp of Los Angeles” Waters is a corrupt, blowhard. Quite literally, a disgusting piece of useless shit!

  42. But see, that's the most important point she wanted to bring across. Make it seem like she kept a promise like a good politician. The rest is not that important, riiight?

  43. So confirmation that Robin Hood are to be made the fall guys and the January frenzy had nothing to do with infinite liquidity and aggressive short-selling to facilitate the bankrupting of a legitimate business (now being referred to as a meme company)

  44. "Apex Clearing estimates that within the next 25 years, $70 trillion of wealth is expected to transfer from Baby Boomers to younger generations, including Millennials and Generation Z, who are more likely to favor stocks that are popular on social media" 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  45. Been weird on registering my shares, after all that robinhood shit, somebody help me get my shit out of robinhood step by step.

  46. Dear Ms. Waters, you are as sharp as a marble. You are completely useless. Don't spin this as a win to appease the "people". We all knew this a long time ago...UGH!!!

  47. Gave them a love letter on Twitter for future generations to read: we’ve been f**ked by those we voted into office to serve the public, instead we’ve just been served.

  48. So let’s all be clear about the truth & the “conspiracies”, shall we? They are one in the same. The difference is, now we see it in print. How to hold people & agencies accountable? You don’t. “We see your crime & we know you’re criminal but hey, it’s ok, we all are” (says one agency to another). Crime is crime when you are a poor ape who must be made an example. This report is as useless as a bull with tits

  49. Asking corrupt politicians to monitor and mitigate the actions of corrupt financiers is like asking a hooker to find out if your wife is cheating on you. You'll never get the truth and the hooker will get 3 new customers.

  50. So for all the smooth brain apes this is what actually happened, : ape buy GME shares, : RH call shitadel, I need 1k shares of GME at $120, :Shitadel, I'll send u 1k synthetics and will buy later from DTCC to deliver, : RH, here Mr ape your 1k shares of GME, : Ape, thank u RH, ...hours later shitadel haven't bought shares from DTCC yet and the price is now $480 and rising with so many orders in their books,....their fuk.....: shitadel call RH and ask , quickly shutt the buy button this shit is exploding and we haven't even bought the shares yet, just let them sell.....oh we r fuk.. : RH ok Kenny we'll erase the buy button...........bye...

  51. Rebuttals to this report posted by apes on superstonk is not gonna do us any good. Post ur rebuttal on Maxines Twitter page in response to her post it will get a lot more visibility there

  52. She is not trustworthy and completely full of shit. You can't trust her but downvote away. Someday we will all learn....most probably the hard way.

  53. Maxine Waters out here still thinking the Internet is just a fad. Get that dinosaur out of office already damn. Same thing goes across the isle to Mitch... these are the morons running our country... literal bafoons stuck in the 1950s

  54. Call me cynical.. but the fact that this came out right before the Roe V. Wade overturned news, has just ensured that this will never get the public attention that it deserves...

  55. So GME was a risk to the entire financial system and easily ran up in one day Jan 21. If even a tiny fraction of the buyers then remain, they are fucked. I do believe many, like myself, never left and bought more since. GME is even stronger now, than then.

  56. I like how they don’t point out that the fee the DTCC waived is one that the DTCC imposed based on a calculation that only the DTCC knows the formula for and that they only waived it when Robinhood suggested they could turn off the buy button.

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