GME rose 2.57% in price on 59.96% Short Volume today. Just sayin

  1. It means 59.96% of all volume was short volume. MEANING it was short sales or short buys to replace their old sales (probably both to refresh ftds and keep price from moving)

  2. I believe that is the case. A days volume that has anything over 50% short means that no matter what they've opened more positions than they could possibly close on that day. Please correct me if I'm wrong

  3. So does the term "short volume" actually just mean the same thing as "sell volume"? As in- a sale marked as short is one that was executed at the bid whereas a sale marked as a buy would be one executed at the ask?

  4. So checking on this short volume% on 5/31/22 was ~33% same day as FTDs hit highs not seen since 8/3/21 (and only leading up to the sneeze prior to that). 8/3/21 saw ~31% short volume and the only time I saw that Off-Exchange was sub 10%.

  5. Well shit they went from 226% reported short interest to what like ~20% in the matter of 2 weeks after the sneeze? There's no way it's significantly less than that at this point.

  6. So ~60% short volume, ~30% off exchange volume = 10% hitting the tape, and a 2.57% increase - what a fucking joke

  7. Just wait for the market to open, that percentage will bring GME down by 5$ πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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