Less gas in the Windy City! 🤘😄

  1. This is a photo from Grant Park, facing south of downtown which has less skyscrapers, during what is all but certain to be lollapalooza; a music festival popular primarily with suburbanites.

  2. Would love to actually do this, see several thousand apes celebrate outside their HQ, holding signs, etc. that would probably make the news!

  3. Look, we all know Ken sucks mayo, but that was literally 4% of our tax base. No bueno for a state already choking itself to death. Global climate catastrophe can’t come fast enough…we need to start reaping the water pipeline dividends w/ side of balmy coastline real estate boom.

  4. Citadel wanted to crumble into the sea, rather than Lake Michigan. I guess it's less instant pollution for the freshwater. 🤷‍♂️

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