Ended up at a BCG event last night by accident

  1. Most of these folks are there because of pure unadulterated nepotism, peer pressure and conforming to a standard set by their own families. They were born into a white collar family with money, they got good grades, went to good schools and their family paid for their tickets along the way, they followed the "recipe". I grew up in an affluent town and saw this happen to many friends and folks I grew up with and know.

  2. Yes, I’m so glad someone said this. I’m guilty of doing it myself but we’ll be better off if we pay more attention to who we are working for and who/what we are pumping full of money. Then acting accordingly rather than rationalizing it away.

  3. It’s okay to admit not everyone in these companies - BCG, Citadel etc are cartoonish, pantomime villains just scheming up ways to screw other people. A lot of them just have a job.

  4. Agree. My best friend works for a branch of Bain doing insurance company acquisitions. She’s awesome as a human, knows working in PE will send her to hell. She does it bc the business she owned went under and she’s trying to dig out financially. She doesn’t even know what it means to short stocks, much less the havoc consulting and private equity have wreaked in the country.

  5. I really hope you pulled my signature move of switching it to selfie mode while taking a metric-shitload of pictures for them.

  6. You assume they don’t know. It’s quite possible they at least have an idea but don’t care or don’t want to know anymore because then they’d maybe care.

  7. Can confirm, most people turn a blind eye to the bullshit that goes on. The honest types are never promoted far enough to gather dirt.

  8. So we just believe whatever’s written on the Internet huh, I once met Jeff bezos I was parking my car and he pulled up 3 spaces over I said “nice car” he was driving a pink mustang Jeff replied “work hard and you’ll get one too” I said “I work for you Jeff there’s no way”

  9. lol I don’t think this is the most outlandish story. I don’t know why I would make up a story as benign as this lol

  10. Consulting basically means going into a company to tell them what they already know, go „I told you so“ and recommend measures, knowing you will never have to implement them or suffer the consequences. It‘s a highly paid con man job.

  11. This exactly this, some people just don't want to look at the truth, life's to good for them, well their irresponsebility is over, time for 🦍s to be responsible 💎🙌 DRS YO SHARES.

  12. I have a feeling the OP was too scrared to confront them and explain the horrible nature of their employment... Way to go OP you did nothing to fight the cause.

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