Combatting FUD one comment as a time! It takes a community to correct, and inform. Thankfully we have the BEST community.

  1. Something else far too many people do when thinking about the total payout of the squeeze is multiplying a target floor price by the number of outstanding shares, for example extrapolating $69mil over 76mil is over $5.2 quadrillion. In reality, the total payout will be closer to the Geometric Mean and far far less. Here's an old DD on it:

  2. Another option is they could try to pull what LME did earlier this year when nickel spiked. They just hit reset and undid all the trades. We absolutely have to make sure the politicians do not let that happen.

  3. The commenter may be wrong about the ultimate choice made but they're not wrong about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they fuck retail out of our deserved gains foreign countries will realize it's only a matter of time before the U.S. govt does the same to them. With their own citizens plus a good portion of the world in financial revolt they'd be unable to control the outcome. Paying apes would be a bitter pill but the outcome would be more predictable for them.

  4. We keep share and get paid in new currency. If not we still keep share and they kick rocks and still buy from us at whatever currency and we can exchange currency.

  5. Imagine a 50 trillion payout and a 25 trillion tax bill. US debt problems cured overnight. Now one might think this would cause hyperinflation but what if there were only 125,000 idiots that would be the only beneficiary. Gov’t doesn’t need to take on new debt at insane interest, has a cache of trillions, could pay off all the debt if they wanted but will HOPEFULLY help those most in need. If not, I know a bunch of people that will

  6. I agree and I guess I'll take my downvotes. I don't think the US gov't gives a fuck and will do anything it takes to keep it from all crashing down. Sure that would piss some people off but it's pretty easy to spin a media narrative any way they want to. "We screwed these guys over but saved YOU from financial ruin, you're welcome"

  7. Except you’re not “correcting and informing” someone talking about a possible outcome (me). You’re just speculating possibilities, same as me.

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