I hit record right as Joe said "the meme guys got out" Gamestop Gets mentioned and Cr4m3r chooses words carefully.

  1. I think Joe’s alright. I haven’t watched in a while but he often disagrees with and pokes at Andrew. He even says, “GME’s still $130 up” as Cramer talks over him.

  2. I thought that. As someone who religiously checks the meme's for this stock, I haven't seen anything funny regarding that stock until now. Bet the price crashes within the week.

  3. It was hypothesizing that’s it’s in some basket swaps or something similar with other stonks like gme, popcorn, and the others the got PCOd

  4. He said “GME’s still $130 up.” What’s wrong with that? When I used to watch, Joe was the guy questioning things and giving Andrew crap.

  5. Haha REV has had 610 million in volume over the past 4 trading days. THIS WAS NOT RETAIL! IT WAS SHORTS COVERING! Cramer just has a lisence to lie and no one cares. WTF?!?!

  6. Cramer always looks like they put him on camera in the middle of taking a shit, and he's trying to keep his composure until the next break.

  7. Cramers voice is so fucking atrocious I can only imagine certain people have specialized ear shapes to make his voice bearable. Who are these weird eared freaks who can not only stand to listen to his voice, but actually heed his advice? It’s all squeaks and squeals and whines to me.

  8. Yeah yeah, coke head... the real question is why is there a dude in a prison jumpsuit getting walked in the background of a CNBC studio?

  9. :41 Joe says, "GME still 130 dollars up..." It hasn't been 10 dollars a share for over a year and a half... Do they need it to drop to sub 10 a share? Is that how they win? Oh mannnnnnn, they are so fuk... LMAYO

  10. and you’re incapable of understanding the appearance simple concept it’s the wrong fucking sub. If you wanna talk rev if you wanna watch a video about River whatever go to that sub this is not it. But you know that you’re just trying to start shit. Have a day.

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