Markets are crashing, crypto is on fire, yet GameStop (GME) investors remain calm. Why? Find out on r/Superstonk: exposing Wall Street corruption with research and memes

  1. I love that they remind us multiple times a day, every day, that GME is a bad play. First off, it's a free market: Let me do whatever I want with my money. What does it matter to you? Think it's a bad play? Short it. I dare you.

  2. GME is trading above the 20 day average price, 50 day average price, and is currently flirting with the 200 day average price - yet the media bleats to sell and forget the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad stock.

  3. It is really killing the Media, Hedge Funds, Banks and Talking Heads that in spite of their best efforts to spread Fud and manipulate the stock price we still remain calm, Zen and refuse to sell our shares.

  4. Who do you think the mainstream media in America really works for? Genuine question. I have my own opinions but would love to hear other peoples take

  5. Commenting because people really need to know what is happening. This is the bit in the film where everyone realises Reddit is correct and the world is about to know it.

  6. people like you have been prophesizing crazy shit for years at this point with absolutely nothing happening and here we are with you still thinking you're in a movie

  7. i dont see it that way, i see it as a great way to bring awareness im sure thats the intent behind these posts and im all for it

  8. GME can't be shorted as much anymore. The price is steadily climbing and definitely a sign that it's pretty over for the hedges.

  9. I never underestimate hedgies with their ammo and manipulation. They likely will at least have a final stand. They never dipped the price during the last earnings report either which was a bit odd. They may be waiting for the stock split dividend announcement.

  10. They can keep using the phrase. Not gonna be able to hear anything cuz I’ll be gone far away and out of the markets after this.

  11. LMAO. My GME is DRS'd and getting more shares every paycheck. Keep 'em coming, we'll lock this shit up real soon.

  12. Thank you your post and the DRSGME.ORG plug. A hefty percentage of the websites visitors are spending time on the how-to-DRS pages, so it is definitely working. More traffic=more DRS

  13. No matter your views on GME (whether you see it as a viable investment or not), you can’t argue that it’s been doing relatively well despite the market taking a giant shit. Pretty resilient.

  14. That's most of this sub. People posting other people's comments under the guise of "wE NeEd mOrE eYeS oN [email protected]#!" is very obvious karma farming.

  15. HYPE UP GAMESTOP !!! HYPE TRAIN LETS FUCKING GOOOOO!!!!! Choooooooooooooo! FUCK ! IM EXCITED. IM EXCITED ! FUCK, what !!! YEAH! Let’s go!!

  16. I refuse to look at my Crypto. If it wasn’t for my Mom and Dad constantly calling and texting me about it (I convinced them to buy ETH a year ago at the peak) then I wouldn’t know where it is at.

  17. $GME is down 7.25% YTD so I guess that's a little better than the market overall. great job, guys!! 🥳

  18. Apes have moved their shares from their diamond hands to direct registry in the purple fortress. Apes are zen af

  19. funnily enough, the reason you're not worried and the reason for why you think that the stock is gonna hit 10k at some point is the exact same: delusion

  20. Ah yes buying a single stock can make me a multimillionaire who will crash the economy. Totally not a get rich quick, or pump n dump scheme

  21. We can't trust mainstream media to tell us the truth about anything. From politics to stocks, it's all a lie

  22. At least you guys could be honest about the "value" of gamestop. GME has value for the same reason a piece of art does. Folks put value in it via investing. Let's not pretend that the company itself is doing all that great or has submitted any kind of detailed plan for the future to justify such an obviously overinflated stock value. They has promising people in charge which is definitely a reason to be hopeful in the future of the company, but if their future is nearly entirely on hoping NFTs pan out for gaming in a huge way and they somehow corner the market, thats a pretty huge gamble.

  23. Just waiting for the split dividend and atleast a couple million in my account before I even peak at what the current trading price is.

  24. The stupid news are getting worse. The thing about employees quitting is really ridiculous. I don't understand how there are people who base their opinions on these types of news.

  25. My understanding in passing was that most GME investors are a) not heavily invested, with only a few shares, and b) holding on to their shares as a means of screwing over short sellers, not for economic gain.

  26. So as someone with 0 experience, with everything crashing right now would be a good time to get into buying stocks right. Buy the dip?

  27. Gme is being setup for another shorting campaign while the market goes green including crypto. Btc is on a reversal for certain.

  28. I'm betting that Wall Streets infinite greed has caught up to them. They pissed off the wrong group of people. Lol they don't understand how gamers think... they gon' learn though...

  29. Been hodlin' since late Jan 2021. The only fear, uncertainty or doubt that I have is when tomorrow is, even though I know it was yesterday. No cell, no sell. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Love you all 🦍🦍💙💙


  31. Well, GME is a real stock for a real business with real potential, while cryptocurrency is the biggest scam in the history of the world.

  32. It's almost like the investors don't care what happens to their money and just want to hold onto the stock for the memes

  33. Why am I being down voted? It was a serious question coming from someone with no knowledge on the matter and with how long that post is I don't have the time to read every word. A simple yes or no would suffice.

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