Browsing through german bank Knockout Certificates for GME. There used to be 100s of them and you could buy short certificates, but now there is only longs and just 27 if them LOL. Wut doin? πŸ‘€ (need data flair !!!)

  1. An endless certificate (No time decay like in US Options) its a bet with a leverage that has a knockout price. For example you buy a long position and the knockoutprice is 100, the price is 110 or 120 and you ride it, you gain money when it gets 125,130 for example, as long as 100 is not reached, youre not losing. But if it reaches 100 all your money is gone.

  2. There were never more than 30. They just started selling them in august 2021 iIrc. There are no puts, because they expired (just the calls were open end).

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