1. Sounds like its trash because it's on the wrong network 🧐 what a missed opportunity for him, I feel bad for him 🙈

  2. And he has his own Design studio currently creating his own NFT Game while his 3.97 million subscribers watch on and learn about the metaverse as Gaming takes the next step forward innovation... So basically... Hedges R FUK.

  3. He also built this on Polygon (from the other comments) and polygon is GameStops competition, you should delete this cause it's not GME related.

  4. Doctor disrespect knows...he's a fellow retard in a lot of things, granted, but he knows games, and where they are going.

  5. I love doctor disrespect. We went on a bender watching his videos in college and I literally still quote him when playing cod from a random video like 10 years ago. I hope he is here with us…

  6. Neither. Dude made a mistake and his wife forgave him. I hope you never make a mistake. Lest we label you a douchebag.

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