Has anyone else noticed a change in the caliber of SuperStonk posts displayed on their homepage?

  1. Yep! Same here, I was just wondering about this the other day. Same thing, I no longer see SS posts at the top of home & have to go directly to the sub, also not a problem cause I’ll come here anyway

  2. Yeah it’s not an inconvenience personally, but definitely an odd change, and I worry if more passive apes are missing important posts if it’s a more wide-spread occurrence.

  3. Yea I found it fairly odd that there were zero posts on the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum

  4. Yep, I usually sort by rising, literally no posts in my feed a few days ago but the sub was poppin! Mostly just frustrating…

  5. Same here pretty often. Sometimes superstonk doesn’t even show up as subs I follow and I have to go search for it. Very strange

  6. I've had the same experience for a while now, at least a couple of months. I just figured it was because I'm on the sub so often there just weren't many posts to show me lol

  7. I’ve thought this too, but honestly my time spent on the sub hasn’t fluctuated crazy amounts to justify the swing.. it just went so quickly from many to near-zero popular posts. 🤔

  8. I’m a frequent lurker and I’ve noticed a difference in the algorithm and not for the better. My rising and especially ‘new’ feeds are not updating as quickly/showing us quality of content as usual

  9. 100%. I have to change my settings to “top posts today” to see anything relevant. Otherwise I just get endless posts of 0-50 upvotes. Agree it started around 2 weeks ago

  10. This would be a sad truth if Reddit created a fomo filter. Spitting in the face of its users who created one of its most successful subs. Ugh.

  11. I figured it was just apes going zen. I’m still here, buying and holding, until the end. I don’t need to see hype posts but I do love seeing purple circles.

  12. This. And could lose credibility for the more passive apes who aren’t actively scrolling the sub. If I was judging by the posts on my homepage I’d think the sub devolved big time.

  13. 100% this, normally use reddit through Infinity app and noticed there thinking was an issue with the app but if I login to main site get the same thing.

  14. Same happened to me after I updated the app. If you de-activate all the tracking Superstonk comes back to normal. I like your flavor of Tinfoil!

  15. Eh I see this same post every month. Superstonk is just a bunch of crayon eaters posting their thoughts and research. It ebbs and flows with “quality” there can’t always be god teir memes and DD

  16. Yeah I’m not saying the sub’s quality has actually gone down (though I agree it ebbs and flows), I’m saying the posts displayed on my homepage these days are almost never popular or even rising (very few upvotes and comments), and I have to click into the sub itself to see the juicy content. It’s just a weird change that appears to be happening for others as well.

  17. Yes, I think it's due to the number of political posts that kind of turned everyone off. I could be wrong, but there was a lot of infighting when that happened and then silence. As if a million voices suddenly cried out.

  18. Same with me. Or I won’t see any posts of SS on home page. I have to go to the sub page directly and even then there’s fuckery.

  19. Yes…been this way for weeks. For example, home page, sorted by Best. 1 post out of first 50 posts is from SuperStonk. And that particular post as 0 upvotes, 4 comments, and 2 rewards.

  20. Yes I did. Even took 2 videos at different times lately where I had to scroll for a good minute before even seeing 1 superstonk post.

  21. IIRC, it used to be possible to adjust the sort directly from the home page from hot to rising, etc. however, it looks like that is now in settings and more cumbersome to change.

  22. Same, I've had to view posts only from the sub because all of the other stuff I enjoy looking at too has been clogging up my feed with literally no superstonk posts showing. Only recently started happening

  23. yes absolutely. sometimes im scrolling thru home and wondering when ill see a top post from ss, and it just never comes. ive been having to go directly to the sub lately.

  24. Same. I'm having to downvote dumb shit that should have died in New. Seems like the algo is serving posts up more randomly now.

  25. Beeeecause the sub is dead? It's been dying. The ogs know the DD, and the plan. No need to post.

  26. While I agree with you, I’m not saying there aren’t popular posts. There are. They just don’t show up on my feed, and instead seem to be replaced with a stream of “new”-caliber posts. It’s just a strange change I’ve noticed, that seems to have happened quickly.

  27. I swear home internet IP is shadow banned from SS. Works fine on every other sub. I can only use SS on my phone not on my wifi. It’s super weird.

  28. It's because nobody makes worthwhile posts here anymore, admins ban DD writers, and push only to spam purple assholes to flood out the research.

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