I resigned the other day to go relax and wait for MOASS. Some of my team members signed my card in the best way possible! My work here is done, the word has been spread.

  1. Ya, seriously don’t do what I’ve done unless you can financially swing it. I had an excellent career and am highly employable. Money isn’t a worry for me and I have a large safety net to fall back on.

  2. I did something similar although the timing in which I was laid off as the company I was at went under - I shrugged it off and thought maybe MOASS is around the corner. So I started trying odd jobs. Now I’ve landed in something decent I can plug away at and see my skills increase as time goes on. Stress way down is also nice, good for health.

  3. this right here is the definition of 'urban dictionary styled 'retard' ... not mentally or physically ill.. ;)..just a good old fashioned retard!, I love it! .. but , ..you really did double down on your GME bet for no reason .. rule number one, if you gunna retire, don't tell people it's because youre waiting for MOASS ...if it doesnt happen, youre setting yourself up for a loss in more than one way. maybe there's time to bandage that somewhat

  4. Programmer who doesn’t speak English as their primary language. Very smart person, just working in a new language to them.

  5. Not FUD. FUD is fear, uncertainty, doubt. As you can see I have literally zero of any of that. I’ve done my DD and feel comfortable taking a few months off to go fishing. I’m not telling others to quit jobs, I don’t recommend it at all as it would be a terrible decision for most people. My circumstances allow me to make a move like this. For that I’m grateful.

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