Another 60 for the Bot. Please, no shit about the popcorn, I got one of those are you a danger to yourself letters from reddit for posting DRS to popcorn last week. I still wonder what would happen if all stonks on the market were DRS'd but that probably won't happen. Brick by Brick. Moon soon

  1. I have multiple holdings, all direct registered, some have to be transferred to a broker because there is no direct purchase program. Direct registering your securities is a must if you want this nonsense to end.

  2. It's your money, and those are the shares on your name, which you own, so no one should shit on any drs post. Be proud, happy weekend!

  3. I've wondered that myself. What would happen if indeed DRS took off and it wasn't just apes doing it. It would be a nuclear event for sure.

  4. Popcorn long term is just overpriced movies and snacks, and I myself prefer Cinemark any day. You can still make a lot of money off of them tho. They’re still targeted by people who don’t want to accept their company is going under.

  5. Oww, I also got that “are you in danger letter” after I wanted to post some gme related article and a bot flagged it as a “ppcorn stock” related post just because it had the ticker’s three letter in the link url… what are those letter about tho? Is it someone reporting you?

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