1 more. Brick by brick!

  1. at the end of the day you’ve contributed 200+ shares to the cause. Appreciate you even if I disagree with part of your position

  2. Jesus Christ I personally think GME is the play and 🍿 a distraction (no hate OP, just my own thesis), but I can't get my head around attacks against OP Just cause He did show his popcorn position (couldn't care less what else he invests in).

  3. Literally man, thank you for the support. I have the same Popcorn position for months. The only one increasing on a monthly basis is GME but for some reason I’m being destroyed in the comment section. I can live with that I guess

  4. Looking good man! You’re a true ape ignore the hate! Obviously you are much heavier in one than the other and none of these holders should do anything but salute you! Happy Father’s Day if it hits home 💎🙌🦍

  5. The amount of hate you will get and downvotes because you hold popcorn is unreal. Way to go man ape no fight ape 🤑👌🏻

  6. Hey OP, if this is considered "forum sliding for mentioning popcorn" then I guess l just have to keep reporting the moronic "there's a popcorn swap, trust me bro" posts. Thanks for DRSing your shares man keep up the good work 👍

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