All GME-Hodlers: Is this for me πŸ˜‰?

  1. My question is why is Wyre down? Like I can't click it on my wallet and I want to get a few more coins πŸ™ˆ (I don't want to buy with ramp, it keeps bugging me for a photo and I don't wanna.)

  2. Given the current crypto-sell-off and liquidations I am wondering if somehow this could be connected to at least some HFs needing money to meet margin calls.

  3. Btc and eth still haven’t broken the rainbow charts yet. If they dip below that I’ll probably scoop some. Here’s a link to the ETH one.

  4. Crypto really is an embarrassment. I really thought it was promising until this bull run. There are very few genuine projects at this point.

  5. That's what bear markets are for : clean the fuck out of the thousands of scams. At least in my humble retarded opinion

  6. Feels like winter. Lrc holding nicely compared to some. I guess retail holds that otherwise it should respectfully have already gone to .1xxx

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