Fun Fact: The S&P is currently bouncing off the low it made during the Jan 21' Sneeze 🤔🤷‍♂️

  1. by the looks of things everything since Jan '21 sneeze might've been the biggest dead cat bounce the markets have seen yet

  2. I cannot foresee a "recovery" apart from a temporarily "get out and grab some profit while we can". Macroeconomics are dire, bonds are getting smashed, liquidations are happening, stock splits are announced/executed to provide liquidity and lower price entries for some entities, Central Banks are manipulating interest rates to keep their currencies stable vs other countries, bonds are not meeting deadline payments from overseas, housing market is cooling down and mortgage rates are going up.

  3. It’s not really strong bounce territory due to lack of strong consolidation. These types of points are just pause locations. Basically stops for a brief moment, maybe go sideways a bit, and then continue on with trajectory.

  4. I love you guys. And I love my shares. But everyday I'm shown how smart you fuckers are and I can't believe my luck you just share that knowledge freely. The comments on this post are...chef's kiss

  5. Banksters & large hedgies are about to reposition from current puts to calls on SPY this Friday. So it should bottom/bounce at the end of next week.

  6. So... We are in the Jan2021 mini squeeze area and GME is now 125$ instead of 50$, but overall asset performance of the market (SP...) has dropped in value?? Hmmmmmm... Something .... Something.... Slow negative beta over long time... Something ... Something... Margin...

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