My thoughts on the organized smear campaign being waged against me

  1. That post reminded me of when DRS was first trying to gain traction. I weeded through so many comments and posts that were concluding that "Computershare is Evil" because "Computershare has connections to Citadel/Virtu/Wells Fargo"

  2. Hi Criand! I’m STILL sharing your Computershare DD’s and recently got called out for hero worshipping by shills on Twatter! They blocked me after I defended your insight into the ONLY solution retail has available to truly F these hedgies in the a$$! I’m glad to see you’re still around and hope you keep shedding light on the priceless work that Dr. Susan Trimbath, Dave Lauer and others have brought to our attention.

  3. Lurker, rarely post/comment. But want to shout out that I upvoted this post 2 hours ago, and when I opened up Reddit just now it had been changed to a downvote. I've certainly been known to fat finger at times, but I am 100% I did not in this case. The arrow was red before.

  4. Thank you. The positivity and support on this sub is amazing and inspirational. It brought me back into the fight.

  5. Yeah, honestly, me too! Thank you for everything you’ve done to bring attention to these issues DL. Don’t let the hate bring u down or drown out the appreciation and support that many apes have for what you’re doing. F the h8rs.

  6. This is my point exactly - and how you know there's no interest in the actual truth. I've got a decade long track record of fighting, and always choosing the right side rather than the one that makes me more money. I'm proud of that too.

  7. This last 30 minutes of drama between the original post and Dave’s response have me undecided and speechless…. And I feel great. We must be so close for all this drama to be happening!

  8. Hey Dave you are most likely not going to read this. But there are many silent voices like mine, who do appreciate everything you do.

  9. Exactly this. We know the drill. How the comments look like, how aggressive and negative they are and how many awards are popping up to ensure the posts go on top asap. And any critical comments will be downvoted to oblivion.

  10. We're victims of the same campaign. We know the BS. The goal is to prevent new folks from hopping on board the ark.

  11. Thank you for immediately addressing it and for everything you've done to create a fairer market structure. I certainly appreciate it.

  12. Can you highlight what you have been working on and what things you are hoping to accomplish on behalf of retail, for us busy TLDR apes that only have occasional moments to keep up with thing. Please and thank you. Personally I genuinely appreciate all the time and effort you have taken to progress humanity to this point, keep up the great work!

  13. Yes - Urvin Finance a startup providing professional-quality data, tools and community resources to retail investors. We The Investors is a grassroots advocacy campaign that I've been leading to advocate for market structure reforms. You can read all about it at

  14. You are one of the few people on this site that I believe are doing everything in their power to help us. I have no problem with you. You're a good ape!

  15. You know, I was vaguely sus of ya back when you first joined the rabble way back when, and I was a bit sus when you did the terminal announce way back when. But, everything you've done and the amount of energy you've thrown behind trying to unfuck the market and leverage the momentum a few million retail investors started has solidly put you in the "okay in my book" territory.

  16. Thanks Dave. I'm not surprised in the least that this is happening though. Give someone - whose entire 3 braincells are fighting over a hotpocket - a wifi connection, and this is sadly what you get.

  17. I don't think so, but then again I wouldn't have thought there was such an organized campaign against me until seeing it unfold as it has. I try not to be paranoid or conspiratorial, but there's certainly something going on here. So nothing would surprise me at this point.

  18. Its almost like someone doesn't like what you are doing and what you are doing is sticking up and educating retail investors, I wonder who would be against that? It's a tough one, who.would be against a fairer and more democratic market

  19. I don't have any questions or need clarity. Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do.

  20. Was the SEC meeting recorded? Did you discuss replacing PFOF with an auction system? What did you discuss, in the entirety. Do you have the notes/presentation you made for GG to share with us?

  21. It was not recorded - these things never are. We did discuss replacing PFOF with an auction system, because the SEC asked me what I thought of the idea. I told them it was a bad idea, and I didn't like it - though it would be an improvement over the current system. I spoke about this in the recorded Twitter Space following the meeting, and in several tweets. And yes, I shared the presentation publicly last week:

  22. I have said this to you a few times. "The people here are simple, slow and easy to make happy or angry. You know, retards." Sometimes you just gots to speak retard and not go into technical jargon that is way above their pay grade. KISS. Keep it Simple, Stupid.

  23. They can buy awards and plaster those posts with them within minutes, but it's pretty easy to see how baseless and stupid the arguments are.

  24. Can we get that one photo of Daves face here - the interviewer asked something from Dave and he said something like "it is dangerous to answer this". That was the kodak moment for Dave.

  25. Hey Dave, thanks for showing up. Hopefully you can quash this stupid FUD campaign once and for all. It absolutely did start the day you met with the SEC.

  26. Brother Dave, believe me when I say this, we don’t listen to those fucks. We know where you stand and we know how much you’re helping and continuing to help. We appreciate you.

  27. ...anyways.. no one gonna read this at the bottom, and maybe no one else will say it but I will... Guess I forgot to pick up my 'organized smear money' lmfao. You can check my post log, I'm real an ape as any

  28. Thank you! And yes, I think you needed to come out and say it. Like you said, there’s simply a group of folks that seem hell bent on smearing your name. Funny thing is, if you check their claims they’re all a stretch at minimum. But not everyone will see this, they’ll just listen to someone else’s thoughts. I’m sorry this was generated from this sub, but, don’t let that get you down. You’re doing great things.

  29. The Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man. Dave stands for retail and continues to push for concrete changes and make the voices of individual investors heard to those that chose to write us off!

  30. Good on you Dave for sticking around despite all the criticism. Your actions prove that you are here for the good fight. Cheers.

  31. As always actions are louder than words. I appreciate you pushing for changes in the sandbox that exists currently. My hope is as the financial sector moves forward, the sandbox will change accordingly and we will all be able to better understand and work in it.

  32. Dlauer just remember that for every ignorant poster on the sub trying to connect dots to smear you, there's many more silently lurking who understand you're not in this for the money -- and that you've consistently been championing for better markets for decades. And for that, we thank you.

  33. Smear campaigns don't work against a million+ working class individuals who have been gaslit to put trust in this sham of a system.

  34. You rock Dave, thanks for all your hard work and explanations. Hope this doesn't get you down. If anything, it means you're on the right track and they're afraid. More confirmation bias XD

  35. Dave, I appreciate what you’ve done, who you are, and what you stand for. Thanks for your tenacity and unwavering support.

  36. While I don't know that I fully agree with blanderson's post- I'm going to do my own research here, I don't fully agree that you're 'one of us' or our leader.

  37. I see through the bullshit Dave and many many others here do too. The work you’ve done with Wes Christian by itself was enough for me.

  38. Dave, I appreciate your transparency and respect the challenge that you have taken on. The intensity of the smear campaign against you has definitely ramped up, but I am glad that you are standing strong against it. Keep fighting the good fight - you are making a difference.

  39. Not that you even needed to, but addressing this the way you have only adds to the legend of your massive balls. They really must be a sight to behold. I appreciate your efforts in market reform Dave. I’m sure most of us here who aren’t bots or shills feel the same as well. Keep fucking shit up🤘

  40. Just throwing my hat into the support ring. I think what you are doing is worth doing for the good of the markets and of the retail investors. Keep doing it and I'll keep showing up to help in any ways I can.

  41. Mr. Lauer - you owe this community nothing. What you provided when you first helped shed light on market mechanics was eye-opening, truly the epitome of that old meme where us smooth brains were excited over all the potential DD which really amounted to diddly squat.

  42. You are encountering resistence. It means you are on the right path to the boss room. Keep up the great work, you have done more for the people than anyone could have asked.

  43. Do your thing. Thanks for being a positive influence in retail. I appreciate that you are continuing to promote fair efficient markets via market reform. I know a lot of people here want to see things blown up but I think a multi-pronged approach of improving market structure is necessary. Keep fighting the good fight. Haters going to hate. Glad you aren't letting that get to you too much. You are more appreciated than hated.

  44. Some group is definitely pissed at what you are doing, which is clear evidence you are bloodying the right noses. Keep throwing hands, as there are so many of us silent investors out there who wish we could do more to help.

  45. I love it when things get spicy, it means that someone has pressed "oh shit, we need a distraction" button

  46. Stay strong, Dave. Yes, it's evident that a smear campaign has been going on. Numerous DD writers and popular contributors have cited harassment from dissenters. With something as powerful as the financial markets on the line, it shouldn't surprise anyone that paid actors are likely involved.

  47. Dave, having a smear campaign against you only lends more credibility and trust to us. We are critical thinkers and we don't trust a damn thing beyond buy, hold, DRS. We know you're the real thing.

  48. As I explained - there are 3 Urvin entities. Urvin AI, Urvin Compliance, and Urvin Finance. I am the co-founder of each of them, and involved in each of them in various ways. But nearly all of my time is focused on Urvin Finance, building The Terminal, which is the name of the product we're building.

  49. As someone who has followed you closely for over a year, I’d really like to see you be more vocal about DRS. The only time I’ve seen you emphasize it was on the Jon Stewart Twitter space.

  50. Don't let the shills shake you. You're doing great things for retail investors. Transparency in the market is something we absolutely need. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  51. Dave, you're the fucking man. Thank you so much for lending your time and knowledge to investors. I can't imagine how frustrating it is hear slander like that and I'm sorry anyone is doing that at all.

  52. I respect you. I also respect apes that are doubtful at best and have a right to question and discuss things. But accusation without proof is just trolling and forum sliding at best.

  53. The gravity of this is overwhelming when you really sit down to think about it. We are in the middle of a war for the very soul of humanity, and I am all the more impressed by those who are out there and publicly defending what is right.

  54. Dave-really truly appreciate everything you’ve done for this community … I personally look forward to reading and attempting to understand all that you put forward. Knowing you’ve spent the time; the least I can do is attempt to comprehend. My lack of complete faculties -eg my wrinkle brain in no way detracts from my 💯 % awareness that everything you do is in our best interests.

  55. Every time you post, I learn something new about market structure. Those learning opportunities are one of the big reasons I still frequent superstonk.

  56. Fuck em Dave, sorry you're getting trashed; THANK YOU for all that you do for individual investors. Your work is appreciated more than you know.

  57. You must be doing something right if you have haters in your life. Keep fighting the good fight, Dave. We'll support you to Uranus & back!

  58. Been said on this sub before but it’s worth repeating. “If video games have taught me anything, it’s that if you encounter enemies you’re going the right way.”

  59. Thank you for the continued help and advice you have given for many years now. Please remember there is always a very vocal minority who are here just to stir up shit, the vast majority are silent but support you and what you've done with We The Investors.

  60. Dave, any OG ape, or any ape who’s been here for at least a few months understands what’s happening with these fuddy posts. U have the support, forget about the shills , as always

  61. Dave, you are in the middle of the biggest financial shit show in history. You'll be in the text books and fuckers who have an ulterior motive will be hounding you to the bitter end.

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