4chan meets r/Superstonk

  1. You know they weren’t man enough to speak up in person and just silently fumed until they got to the safe space that is their keyboard

  2. It's 4chan- dude probably hasn't touched another human in decades, and they are probably fatter than the redditor they are making fun of. Also, you can see it's a 4chan person based on the weird, non-sensical aggravation that this good deed trigger deep within their soulless husk.

  3. I have never spent a minute on 4chan and know nothing about it but just by reading these few lines here I figure people there try to be really edgy and abrasive. Not my place apparently. I like a good line about retards and autists but that’s a different level altogether.

  4. 4chan users are the most likely to be: racist, hateful, incel, nazis. If they don't actually believe in those things, they think those things are at least funny/amusing/entertaining. I no longer believe 4chan should exist.

  5. wanted it so bad, and kept awkwardly looking at the pizza boxes, making sketchy eye contact with the employees, asking loudly, but without words, for just a slice or six.

  6. We should have dominoes deliver directly to the store. Yes, we won't get that sweet internet Karma. But, inevitably someone (shills and bad actors most likely) are going to put something into a pizza that doesn't belong and ruin the gestures for stores everywhere.

  7. I always wondered why the hell do people take the pizza themselves. It’s odd, instead of just having it delivered.

  8. Agreed also it’s smarter to call GameStop first and ask them what pizza they want and then just call and have it delivered that way they actually get the pizza they like without having to deal with us, a win win lol

  9. Agreed. And don’t know if anon is exaggerating because he’s mad, or this person really did give some speech. But don’t do that. Don’t give a speech. It’s so cringe. Just have the food delivered.

  10. Fair enough, but that's why I made sure that A) pizza was sealed, and B) that an employee took it to the back right away after receiving it.

  11. Just an FYI if you care about anonymity: the dominoes receipt still has your name on it even when delivered. It's a "duh, of course it is" moment but I was surprised when I walked in one day and they pulled up my membership. "Oh... You're the guy who sent pizza! Thanks!"

  12. What kind of fucking idiot gets upset that others are being given free pizza? Like if this douche was at work and someone brought in free pizza he’d just run up and start wailing on your face?

  13. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to get mad at free pizza. If someone randomly sent me pizza while I was at work I’d love it.

  14. From my understanding different pizza brand quality changes per country so there is that also can’t say no to a good discount.

  15. Domino's is the """GAMER""" pizza chain as a result of it's partnership with Pepsi-Co and its Japanese marketing campaigns featuring games and anime bullshit. It's 100% shills making it the chain of choice, just like how BallStreetWets is 99% Robinhood screenshots

  16. I hope he's blowing the speech thing out of proportion. It'd be annoying to listen to someone talk about how great owning gamestonk is while working there.

  17. Yeah my thoughts exactly, if you do this thing just go in deliver it and say its from your companys investors or something and leave again like a ape gent.

  18. At first I kinda cringed when I saw these posts but I've changed my view. It definitely creates a sense of community with everyone involved.

  19. I still cringe. But mostly bc I wouldn’t accept food from random strangers. If they had the pizza delivered, I’d be stoked and so grateful.

  20. I still cringe, I think people should give them gift cards for them to order food for themselves. If I'm a customer and I have to wait for that pizza bullshit I'd be pissed. Plus then the employee can get something they want at an appropriate time, hello??!

  21. He 'obliterated'(see; threw controller in a fit of rage because he can't kill a deer) a thumbstick? Bruh IS a thumbstick. Definitely an incel. Elden ring is hard, but not 'obliterate' my thumbstick hard.

  22. Yea, when I was young NES games could make me so mad that I would try to squeeze/twist the controller, those indestructible bastards could fight back though.

  23. I mean, I’m gonna side with him a little. It’s kind of like “look at me, I hold GME, I’m special, everyone needs to know”. Just anonymously order a pizza through grub hub and have it delivered to the store. Plus a random person, who is not a delivery employee, giving out food is sketch and I probably wouldnt eat it

  24. With that logic, who is to say that the domino’s driver didn’t tamper with it either? I work in a hospital and grateful patients bring us shit all the time; no one has died yet. I think people are hella paranoid.

  25. During the peak of the pandemic hospital care workers were gifted food and treats from family that couldn't visit their loved ones due to visitation restrictions. I thinks it's a wonderful gesture to offer food as a thank you. Offering a meal is like offering a seat at your dinner table . It's a gesture of good will.

  26. NGL I feel like this is all a bad idea because someone can poison the food and blame it on us. Just saying, if we wanna give something it could be donations or toys for tots like before or something

  27. Lol half the employees probably have zero clue or interest in who RC is, what GME is, or where to buy stocks. Not everyone is involved in this.

  28. For the first time ever, stock owners are treating the companies they invest in like they are part owners…wow, pride in their investment. What has this world come to!? /s

  29. I don’t understand. I work in an office and my “rando” coworkers drop in free food all the time. Homemade food too. Haven’t died yet.

  30. i think its weird af to buy food for employees simply bc you invested in the company and then go on to make a big post about it on the internet. how is that not clout chasing? its nice and all to buy food, but why?

  31. I'm not sure what has been done recently to improve working conditions within the stores since this whole thing has taken off (or since RC has taken over), but I know that working conditions prior to all of this were pretty terrible. And that's putting it lightly.

  32. ngl if I go to a store and this would be happening while I'm waiting while not knowing what's that about I'd probably be annoyed too 😂

  33. This isn’t 4chan meeting superstonk, that happened a long time ago when they gave the sub the shill playbook. Read up on your saga history friends

  34. Destroys his controller raging at elden ring and makes fun of people doing nice gestures. Nice guy surely it's a wonder he's maidenless.

  35. Autistic behaviour from a single individual doesn't concern me. But the comments and upvotes in here just reaffirm why i don't want to be associated with most of yall. I just like the stock.

  36. In 4chan's defense, on the /biz/ board theres always a GME general thread in support of this movement and plenty of holders

  37. We own GameStop stock so it’s like we are partial owners of the company, I don’t see anything wrong with owners of the company treating their employees to some pizzas, do you?

  38. 4chan has a long running /gme/ thread full of shills and dedicated gme holders. This post came from another board so just shills keeping interest away but reposted on /gme/ for reaction. Plenty thought it was great lol.

  39. For everyone saying "why is he mad at free pizza?", look at the first sentence. This person went shopping in their lunchbreak. A limited amount of time you do not want to see slimmed by unforseen occurances because it creates stress and stress turns into resentment.

  40. This is actually super bad...last thing we want is the autists from 4chan hating the retards from GME. We can't win that fight.

  41. Just imagine random customers/shareholders bringing treats to the employees of the company they love just to keep the staff happy and hyped... nowhere else do you see this, ever

  42. Never could understand how someone doing something nice for someone could ever upset another person? How miserable do you have to be to get mad because a human is being kind to another human?

  43. I mean 4chan is notoriously only for psychos, stupid people and racists. Not sure why we shud care, we just like the stonk and the company.

  44. Dude definitely likes the stock. Could have just left it at fat redditor or GameStop stock holder for that 4chan superiority. But chooses to mention Superstonk to get curious people from 4chan, who are not invested, to check out the sub to see it for themselves.

  45. Couldn't just smile and ask for a slice could ya? Bet they'd have shared cuz they're not dicks like 4 Chan guy

  46. Imagine being the kind of person to ask if the manager of a retail location knows about, and is ok with, the hourly employees being on the receiving end of a selfless kindness.

  47. Souls games are hard on controllers that’s for sure. GameStop should sell hand braces and wrist guards or some shit maybe epsom salt and Cbd cuz fromsoft games are hard on the hands too

  48. I'm willing to wager that this dude never was at that GameStop. Instead, he read the post here on Superstonk, and then wrote his little fan fic over at 4chan for some edgelord Internet points.

  49. Why would the managers NOT be okay with this? Talk about a way to destroy morale, denying them free pizza XD

  50. Another cross-over, I'm literally too retarded to get past their captcha system since they changed it a few years back, so I'm no longer a poster on 4chan

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