Crash confirmed. This feels like 08.

  1. I remember watching 08 crash on 5m chart. The price went up on the first five.minute opening, and then down. Very slow, and it went through all support with no hint of resistance. It was weird. Wasn't until it hit below fib S3 went down, and then back up to S3.. and then down like thunder.

  2. Pre market negativ. Waiting for stupid money to buy puts just to turn shit around like 15-30 mins after the bell. This is just another ruse.

  3. Yeah I bet everythings gonna be +5% by day's end tomorrow. Market gonna kill put buyers tomorrow.

  4. Conspiracy brain can sometimes backfire. Not everything is a part of a monolithic system designed solely to take your money. For example, this dude.

  5. My mom keeps an eye on realty, looking for an affordable house and what not, and noticed there are a couple of grouped sets being sold out here in California. one she saw was like 4 city blocks of multi-family homes for 100 something mil. That's enough for me to smell a major crash incoming. (Unless someone else can explain how that's not "liquidation")

  6. Sniper laser at 0:40. I think the man is in danger and is trying to tell us something. Right after the laser appears he says "there's, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide"

  7. NYSE floor trader. Most photographed floor trader. If you read CNBC, you must have seen him in their stills.

  8. This a joke? Lol he’s talking like all these numbers and reports mean anything 😂 he of all people should know it’s just algos and rigging

  9. I think people are misinterpreting your comment as you saying it’s not bad, when I fact your saying it’s already bad out here, just starting to hit dwntwn

  10. Dont understand the downvotes here. You are basically sayin that shit already hit the fan in the hinterlands. And i can agree as an eurpoor.

  11. It could be a wyckoff springboard or yeah a crash. Beijing that it looked crashy back at 385 and 382 before springing back, you never know what games are being played.

  12. this guy from The bear traps Report who wrote "The colossal Failure of common sense" about the fed being academics w out a clue did an interview - he says the fed will pivot after breaking things bcuz they already wiped out trillions in wealth - its a different take & so thought Id share

  13. Today is even better, I’ve been short ES since 6 am 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣more gme shares boys

  14. difference is that in 08 i was in much better financial shape. now i'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth, and rely on others as much as myself. this week ive been cancelling and downgrading all sorts of subscriptions. we will make it, but it's going to be ugly from here to yonder.

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