🚨🦍 DON’T LET THIS GET BURIED! APE HELP APE. Hi everyone. Is everyone doing okay? Everyone good on food and essentials? Please reach out, no shame. Also those that want to help, offer up. Some people have been going through alot. We see you. 🦍🚨🥢

  1. Looking for a job in the Central Florida area. struggling financially currently, can provide a litany of skills for work 🧡

  2. Airport jobs usually pay way above state minimum. I’d take a look into being a ramp agent for American Airlines or Delta.

  3. I had a $1 to my name for the last two weeks and couldn't bring myself to ask. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks. Especially after getting into almost 20k in debt after having my first child. I'm surviving though. I just wanted someone to know I'm not giving up.

  4. Look into WIC. Provides you with formula, and foods like cereal, cheese, milk, bread. It's basic stuff but you'll find it goes farther than you'd think. (Came in handy 8 years ago when we were surprised with twins)

  5. Have you applied for financial assistance through the hospital, for your balance? I was able to get 75% of my balance knocked off. Since I had already paid part of the beginning balance, it was basically paid in full, once they applied the reduction. I have also heard of others receiving 100% of their costs (after insurance) waived. 20k is a lot to have hanging over your head, in an average paycheck to paycheck household.

  6. Hi to anyone that might be reading. I have been down lately, just in general, I've been in a depressed state for 2 years and a couple of months now. I am going to therapy to try and fix my behaviours and Idk if its really working. Moass is my only hope left that I have on earth probably, I am pretty excited with this investment and people around me percieve my excitement when I tell them things about Gamestop and the financial system. Some friends that I have told them this gme saga have invested in the company and even a couple of them have DRSd their shares, I've put my soul into trying to help them in anything that I could and even things that are out of my reach. But sometimes I feel blamed when Moass doesn't come, they treat me like I have control on whatever hype-date that is being pushed around. I'm guilty of hyping those dates and events too but I think it is something normal for this type of situation and knowing the dimesion of this whole shit.

  7. Heah Homie hang in there. Mental health is serious shit. Dont let anyone tell you that it isn’t. You made the first step acknowledging that you feel “off” mentally. Walking is one way to help. Exercise is another. And you don’t even have to be a work out warrior. 15 minutes for exercise and 30 minute walk help

  8. Can’t help you with the mental health but I can help you with feeling like you’re being blamed when MOASS doesn’t happen on hype dates.

  9. Remember Ape, depression is not your fault. You’re taking great steps. It takes such courage to even mention that you’ve had depression for a couple of years. Therapy can help keep you from bottling up your feelings.

  10. I would recommend TRE, it really gets down to rewiring your brain, allowing your nervous system to regulate and relax so you don[t feel bad all the time. No talking, no pills, just shaking on the ground as your body learns to not get triggered by the things that childhood showed us to get trigger by. I also really like parts work, internal family systems, you work with the parts of you that carry hurt and the defense mechanisms that evolved to cover for the hurt, and readjust them by getting closer to self, the part of you that is calm, cool, cooperative, creative, compassionate, caring, awake and alert.

  11. Psilocybin microdosing has been shown to be effective for treatment-resistant by multiple clinical studies, including Johns Hopkins University. Look for the microdosing sub or Uncle Ben's. It's super positive.

  12. Hang in there, tough times create strong people. I can’t put myself in your shoes but I know there is always hope and light at the end of the darkest tunnels. Best of luck in school and I wish only the best for you

  13. Right there with you buddy. I’m sure one of us is closer than the other, but if you needed food tomorrow I’d still send it. You aren’t alone and if those dark times do come closer to the door make sure to reach out!

  14. Hey apes! Kind of awkward but I lost my job a couple weeks ago and even though I got a new one I don’t start until next month. I’m starting to struggle food wise but I would seriously be fine with like a couple boxes of ramen I’m not picky lol

  15. My girl has been going to 2 local food banks. They give frozen meats(good stuff) eggs from local farm, some fruits, bunches of pasta, rice and canned goods. It’s been helping us get by. We will pay it forward when able and we have been giving extra food to friends in need.

  16. Financially I’m ok. Mentally…I’m worn down and pretty broken. Not so much from all this (although it’s had it’s moments), but I had a huge issue at my job that pretty much devastated me two years ago, and I’m still recovering.

  17. I’d love to chat with you if you’d like! Im a great listener and have been known to give some good advice from time to time.

  18. We are a family of 5 and have lived in this house for 12 years. Our landlords are using what I’m calling a loophole in the tenant protection act. They’re claiming to remove the rental from the Market…but I do t think they are. I would bore you with the details, but, our 60-day notice expired 4/10. We are facing eviction and still, cannot secure housing. We’ve had to use our income to recover our credit scores that took a hit because of the pandemic… and now have run out of time, but haven’t been able to save enough for a security deposit.

  19. What city and what budget? I bet apes could find you a place to move. Getting pushed out sucks, but if it’s inevitable you might as well be prepared rather than homeless.

  20. We're gonna make it, friend. I wish I could help but all I can say is unfortunately I understand your pain right now. I truly hope you can work something out in the short term.

  21. Dude our landlord just pulled the same move. Assured us they were renting another year then pulled the rug out and notified us they were selling and asked if we could be out before our lease ends. And the equivalent houses in our area are over $1,000 more in rent and there are none. Sucks.

  22. The eviction process can take up to six months. Possibly more. If there's mediation instead of a court ruling, there's nothing on your record either.

  23. car got broken into this weekend while i was away, my tools got stolen. safe neighborhood and they were covered and in my carport. insurance will likely cover it but be safe out there apes! people are getting desperate!

  24. Catalytic converter cut out from underneath vehicle in nicer area here, suggest parking in areas with more foot traffic to all apes going grocery shopping etc

  25. Just know you aren’t alone in that stress. Personally, I find comfort in that. I hope you can overcome the stress and find the resolve you need. What I can offer you is a little bit of truth; the stress you face is quite literally the manifestation of yourself. You vs you. The guy bringing you down is yourself. When you begin to realize just how powerful you are, only then can you marvel at just how great you really are. I’m not sure what’s getting to you, but I believe everything could be solved in the mind. It’s your weapon against everything.Once you start uncovering some of these simple truths, you’ll surely begin to realize how easy it easy to overcome the stress. Laughter and pure joy is inside of you right now dying to be let out, manipulate the mind and open yourself to the self love that you need to give yourself. Let everything fade away, confront the stress when it’s convenient for you, because for now it can take a hike. This is your moment

  26. My wife and I are struggling to make credit card payments. Groceries, gas, etc. are piling up fast and there’s no sign: of slowing down. Any help would be appreciated.

  27. I have to walk 12 miles to walk to work because I'm hella broke and can't afford money for the bus. I'm a teacher for complex needs kids, they need me, so I'll bust my ass to get to them.

  28. I scrolled and read them all... Not going to lie it makes me so sad seeing so much struggle when there is way enough for everyone...

  29. It truly hurts my ego to be typi g this but I'm a Canadian ape struggling rn. Landlords sold the house we were renting and in a desperate rush rented an absolute nightmare of a place and they charging way too much. We are trying to get out of this place, haven't got our damage deposit back yet from the old place we are still moving out of and I'm being on bills I was juggling. I believe I can get through this but I'm stressing extremely hard about this to the point of crying at night.

  30. Send me a message. I kinda live in the middle of nowhere up North but if I can help let me know brother.

  31. Got my month check, but gonna pay off my debts first, I hope it will be enough for the month. Due to increasing prices I thought about maybe selling shit on web to make a few extra bucks . Wish me luck 🦫

  32. Good luck. I've been thinking the same thing. Wonder how hard it would be to make a sort of yard sale page for Apes... I'm not really hurting but I could definitely use some more cash - especially if I could get enough to lock down a couple more shares! And I have tons of stuff that I don't need, but the fees and pain in the ass of most of the selling sites leave me underwhelmed.

  33. I have money that was supposed to come in like 6 months ago, but it's taking its sweet time. I borrowed some money from my parents to get me through a couple of months, but I spent it on more GME. Wife has rent covered and I have a shit ton of lentils so I am good, it was 'lyxury' money. It just sucks to not be able to do anything except survive.

  34. Sadly, I’m one of those Oxy addicts and getting clean is all I want. As I wait for a bed to open up in rehab, 12-18 months, I like to lurk on here and read all the updates. It keeps me going and when MOASS happens I’ll have the money to go to private rehab. Thanks OP, this was a kind post.

  35. Have you tried kratom? I got off a gram of a day fent addiction with kratom. Made the withdrawals damn near non existent. Was actually able to sleep with it.

  36. Arkansan ape here, deployed currently but an ape’s reach can span the globe. Anyone in the central Arkansas area need help, I’ve got contacts.

  37. Going to make an offbeat comment-ish. Trying to get more money to buy more GameStop shares, currently am a pizza delivery driver, but was just recommended I get a Google certificate and try to get a job through that way? I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Google certificates. Worth Saving my money for a laptop to pursue this? I don’t need money I just need advice. I can save up money myself. Thanks.

  38. I've done certificates like Google Certificates in the past. Is a laptop required? I did a user study for Google in their learning portal and it wasn't fantastic on a phone, but it was doable. Also most libraries have computers you can use for free.

  39. If anyone is hiring or have a wfh position in the state of Florida, gonna need a shout. My temp work ended and need something asap

  40. I lost a lot of employment because I caught covid and I wasn’t making much to begin with, if anyone would be willing to get me a pizza that would be much appreciated.

  41. Won't lie, its been rough the last couple of months OP. Two kids, single dad, most of my paycheque goes to support a woman who has done a complete 180. Squeaked by on rent and food for this month, but the stomach clenching flip flops for next month have started already. Not at the point where help is in dire need but it feels good to type out my anxiety and my stressors to someone who genuinely wants to listen. When I bring it up at work, colleagues just gloss it over and change the subject. Thanks for somewhere I can vent OP. Other than my two wonderful and strong kids who keep me motivated, my little X position in GME is my shining light. Can't wait for everything to settle financially so i can FINALLY DRS my position (costs 300$ to do it in Canada with Wealthsimple). Ramble done... thanks again OP.

  42. This is pretty low on the priority level, but I'm having trouble with getting layer 2 going on my GameStop wallet and I'm new to all of this counterfactual wallet stuff. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I have to spend 100$ as a minimum order to get LRC on my GameStop wallet in order to initiate layer 2? I know I saw some Coinbase work arounds but I couldn't quite figure it out. ♥️🦍

  43. Post your GameStop wallet address. Myself or one of the other members of Superstonk can send you the money to activate your wallet.

  44. If you check out the GameStopNFT twitter, they can definitely help! I think it should be as simple as buying or transferring your lrc or eth to your gme wallet to activate it.

  45. I'm selling my hobby computer to pay my mortgage this month. Of course I would've preferred to either use the money for a new build or different hobby, or just keep that PC, but hey what's a guy to do? It'll set me up to be able to save a bit for next month. Only thing that really sucks for me right now is that I can't afford to buy any more shares. Good thing I only need one!

  46. Where at in America?? What comes next is the greatest thing to have ever happened to you. You don’t know it yet, but you are so close from untethered worthwhile freedom. It’s at our lowest moments that we truly learn to overcome. It always gets worse before it gets better, and somewhere inside you know I’m right. There’s a you inside eager to come forward bursting with laughter and energy. I promise you things will get better.

  47. The rental crisis in Australia is getting worse, and we haven't gotten any hint that our lease will be renewed. We have until the 14th of July on this lease, and if we can't stay, then we'll be genuinely homeless. We just found out our son needs more tests and specialist appointments, but we can't even think about that until we know if we have a house.

  48. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I've overspent (on GME... lol) and can barely afford a suit for job interviews after graduation in 2 weeks. Didn't know the damn things cost 2-3 GME shares at current price haha

  49. This will seem odd, but if you post on say, a buy nothing group on Facebook, saying what size suit you need and your story, there’s probably someone in your area that would just give you one.

  50. Ape here in the Florida panhandle willing to help out with food/necessities, possibly a job. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help, please inbox me if I can help any fellow apes

  51. There were quite a few comments from people in Florida, that I recall seeing, if you wanted to DM them!:)

  52. Dunno if it's been mentioned or not, but if anyone is struggling and has a plasma donation center near them, they tend to pay decent if you don't mind needles. Place near me pays on average $50 per donation and takes a little over an hour. I go twice a week, so $100 a week and it helps save lives. Sometimes they give coupons for even more, especially for first time donors.

  53. One thing a few friends do is use the buy nothing groups on Facebook. People are always decluttering or giving away clothes, so you can often get a whole new look for free!:)

  54. Hey 👋🏼 appreciate you mentioning me in your comment. This community is def the best one by far. Stonk goes up Stonk goes down but apes here for one another through it all. I’m extremely honored you liked my art and NFT.

  55. I was just reading and scrolling and reading and scrolling and have to say, when this community makes it to the other side, the world might actually be an ok place to live in. Cheers!

  56. Houston, Texas Ape here. If your in this area and need some help, let me know. I’ll do what I can and help with food or anything else I can.

  57. I'm in some trouble right now and don't know what to do about it. My new landlord is not renewing my lease at the end of the month. I don't know where I'm going because rents have skyrocketed recently. I live in south Florida and need to find a room or trailer or efficiency to rent for around $600 a month. I have no pets or family that would be living with me. If anyone has any advice or solutions I would appreciate it.

  58. Get on facebook asap and find someone renting a room, they usually charge month to month. I believe in this community of apes.

  59. Ape. Check out the landscapers/trades folks . Many of them houses / storage areas they would love to have somebody live there. Just so things don’t walk off. My brother is one of them, but already has a tenet.

  60. How am I doing? Meh. Our house flooded and the literal river of water effed up our foundation. Will the insurance cover it? Nope! Just got the letter today basically telling us to go screw ourselves. And we can’t fix most of the damage inside the house until we can get that foundation fixed. Yep, we’re having a fabulous time, right? Still not selling any GME. We’ll just figure it out. $6,000 is the estimate to get it fixed. Good times.

  61. Don't really like asking for help but I know the people here are so kind. I've been out of work since August and slowly eating into my shares to survive. I've been looking for work but when you have flamed out of your last 2 jobs due to mental breakdowns (I'm Bipolar) it's tough to get even an interview. Any help would be appreciated. If your into football cards I will leave my ebay store link as it is my main source of income rn along with doing some small computer repair gigs. If anyone needs anything done like data entry, analysis, marketing, book keeping, ect. I am also interested I have two Bachelors degrees in Economics and Computer Information Systems.

  62. A friend who found themselves in a situation very similar to yours posted an offer for in-home tech support on NextDoor and it was very well received. They ended up with a couple of long-term clients and a sweet job offer through networking that way. Hope that helps!

  63. Live in Belfast, northern Ireland. Shit is getting rough here, passed over on a promotion opportunity, scraping by barely and need to move out of a shitty one bed apartment, but don't make enough to move out, and don't have the savings to afford a deposit.

  64. University student alone, no parents, working and studying at the same time. I have been struggling financially for months, and yet my school has no assistance in that. Due to rising grocery and rent prices in Canada, it's been tough, but I've never said it except for this time. I know there are dozens of people who are in worse situations than I am, so sending love to all of you. Don't give up, it'll get better!

  65. Recently graduated with a marketing and management degree. I live in west Texas, and can’t move for a year. If anyone is hiring in west Texas or remotely I’m looking for anything in advertising or data analytics. Honestly I’d work anywhere at this point, but I hope to use my degree

  66. Is anywhere hiring in San Diego. I have a degree in psychology and would like to work on a professional environment. I.e. not retail or fast food

  67. Aaah... Need to vent. Last year, January, my contract was terminated illegally. We were still pretty messed up by covid (Paris) so it was impossible to get any other job, then came depression, more than $1000 rent a month without the other bills...

  68. Im looking for an Mechanical engineering jobs rn, but im an international students (recent graduate) so job hunts been hurtting

  69. I'm a Venezuelan, living in the U.S. for the past 4 years, and it has been quite the ride. A lot of things have happened, family members back home got sick, me and my mom had to send them a lot of money and it has been a struggle. Right now, I'm looking for work in South Florida, preferably near Miami, but it can be a little more to the north. I have HR experience, and I graduated from Clinical Psychology back in Venezuela. If you guys need any more info, I'm always happy to share.

  70. Any construction project managers in here? I could always use new clients especially after these last 2 rough years. We always provide quality

  71. I was robbed today. My mental health has been declining, so I had been working my ass off to save some some money so that I could afford to go on disability (at the behest of my psychiatrist) and prioritize my health. I saved up $4000 in cash from waitressing with intent to use it instead of my credit card for essentials and lay my card down. Unfortunately, today I was in a bad head space and experiencing brain fog. I didn't know my purse was missing until I got home and panicked. I am not doing well.

  72. My wife and I quit our jobs back in November 2021 after being in healthcare for years set out to further our careers as writers. Working through the various COVID waves burnt us out along with our son's second heart surgery in July 2021. Her first children's book is

  73. For me... even if MOASS happens in my grandchildren's age, I have learned the true nature of humanity. If one watches the 'news', we are shown war, hate, division, and I knew it wasn't true. Ape help ape, isn't a meme thought, isn't isolated to GME, it is truly who we, as people are. Reach out, and you will find someone who reaches out to you. I love you all, and thank you for making this such a fantastic ride.

  74. Im mad late. Didnt expect for it to hit me but anyone know of any help for bills or so? Im down to my last $48.00 for the month….

  75. If I see one message in here shitting on someone for needing help when they have invested in GME, with something like, "Don't invest what you can't afford to" after some of us have invested for 2 years only to have costs of living eat us alive - I will report you in every way I possibly can.

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