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  1. Pokémon TCG has already partnered with IMX! We will have Pokémon trading cards as NFT’s on the platform! I will edit in a link to the sauce.

  2. Explanation: CatBlox Studios is an official Partner of PUMA. They account in the screenshot has > 100k followers and the tweet was send today. With the retweet from GameStopNFT and 👀 I think we can assume, that this is one of the big partners for the NFT marketplace.

  3. I think this is awesome and I have like one pair of old Puma shoes that I cannot find a replacement for (puma bolt lite neon green) but having a chance at 2,500 rare NFTs and hoodies sounds amazing!

  4. When I clicked on the link it took me to their twitter page, then saw a few images of the NFTS, and on them I saw OPENSEA on the top. Isn’t that our competition? Can some one explain pls

  5. Former sneaker head. If used right NFT'S will be a game changer in the sneaker head universe. If they can use nft's for verification purposes then they'll be a huge deal in sneakers. Counterfeit sneakers is a HUUUUUGE problem.

  6. Imagine if getting one from Nike or something means you can trade it in or sell it in order to have a 100% chance at a new pair of shoes dropping. No idea if that's feasible or would ever happen, but sneakerheads are crazy and trying to get a popular drop where shit goes out of stock in like 60 seconds is something stressful they'd love to avoid if possible.

  7. I think this is it. This is the week. They are going to drop so many partnership that your head will get dizzy. And then my bold prediction is that they partner with Apple and this gets announced tonight!

  8. what if you are actually right this time? Can you imagine saying goodbye to this sub and going dark for the rest of your life? Delete your Reddit account and do anonymous donations or even run for big positions in gov... so many things to do. I mean you actually start a new life next week. But I'm ready.

  9. WWDC starts today, right? MSM has been publishing "rumors" their ar/vr headset is delayed, maybe to try to keep the hype down, right?

  10. Can you imagine all the implications and applications of NFTs?! Sure, there’s the digital set you own and can wear and sell in the metaverse, but…

  11. I have not seen generalized vitriol towards a consumer technology that I'm seeing towards NFTs since the early days of cell phones and texting. This has me extremely jacked.

  12. When I see info like this I have a sudden but healthy panic attack which feels like hundreds of mini rockets are shooting off all around my body with fireworks attached to them. If not today then Tomorrow LFG🚀🚀

  13. The little cats on their Twitter feed are okay I guess, but get a brother some discounts as Puma shoes are all I wear. 😎👍

  14. Ok listen. Full transparency here. I am not one of those shoe obsessed people. I use and abuse em till my toes stick out and split the sides then get new ones.

  15. Hypebeast and resell culture is HUGE. I say This as being someone who used to resell thousands worth of sneakers every month. What if there is physical product tied to the NFT? Maybe as a means of indisputable legitimacy or just as another commodity. Either way, a collab with a brand as big as PUMA is BULLISH

  16. idk how alot of hypebeasts afford such pricey clothes but this seems right up their alley. they seem like the kind of people to go against the grain and won’t hop on the nft hate bandwagon like most of reddit.

  17. I used to work with a guy, bought and sold shoes as a side hustle. The market for it is big, I’m talking shoes that didn’t even have anything special to them no signatures, no previous significant ownership, and they still sold for 6-700 plus. Now imagine Juan Soto sells his game cleats to a charity auction how do you authenticate them? Well you create a NFT for them, whenever those cleats are resold the NFT and cleats change hands. GameStop makes a fraction off the sale. Now imagine if GameStop sponsors with massive partners all over the retail world. Not just shoes, handbags, jewelry, paintings, etc. We won’t need to have specialist authenticate things, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the NFT can’t be duplicated. It’s the real thing.

  18. No one but it shows big brands are willing to partner with GameStop which brings legitimacy to the market. I just want Nintendo to be a partner honestly. It's hard to get bigger than that.

  19. I hate to say it but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be L2 NFTs. I think it's the standard L1 NFTs it just using the ganestop wallet.

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