Evergrande's default is now finally confirmed by paying agent Citibank! Here is the proof!

  1. The lack of media coverage on this is infuriating. I was on google trying to find confirmation from somewhere other than the good doctor's twitter.. nothing.

  2. They are waiting for the perfect time to drop the news. Like if you wanted to distract people from buying into an awesome company thats about to drop a dividend and you wanted to shutdown fomo. This news would do it. Amplified by all crooked msm.

  3. yeah meanwhile the SEC is making videos mocking retail investors while their entire network of criminals is about to collapse and most of the people are going to be taken unaware

  4. Honestly after watching all of this GME stuff play out in the media, its understandable how Trump's 'fake news' was so successful. Who can people trust down there?

  5. Why is the lack of news coverage infuriating? They've covered it already. Notice how the story is only big news on this sub? A sub for GME, not a sub specializing in the Chinese economy and the Chinese housing market? You have a lot of uninformed people posting doom and gloom posts. Then others read it, take it as truth and can't believe that everyone else in the world doesn't agree. That's basically signs of a "conspiracy theory"

  6. Thanks for your work even though you lost money on this it’s been hugely important to help learn more about how this links in with the international money supply, collateral for loans and the interconnectivity of our world ! Good job keeping up with what you did even though you took some heat for a while, you might have been early but you certainly weren’t wrong!!! Prost

  7. Later on it'll be nice to look back on how a single/ double digit millionaire took down a 300b wounded giant by sacrificing around 50k of his own money, then went in person to press criminal charges.

  8. The date of this document is 29th of April, not 30 days after the coupon payment date. Could they paid in the mean time or enter talks about next steps? Is this what we call selective default as they choose what to pay and what not. I presume they pay other stuff

  9. Yes, this document doesn’t state the default! It’s default of payment, not event of default. It’s message is: payment hasn’t been made as of April 29. After that it informs, that EoD occur if this continues for 30 days, which is up to May 9th (?). We would like to see document between April 29 and May 10th if there was payment or there wasn’t.

  10. His next steps are realizing he just lost $50k. You think Hong Kong courts are gonna take this dude's case against Evergrande? There isnt anything he can do about it in the USA.

  11. And yet I've seen a Non-Stop stream of apes shitting on him from this forum including on my own posts regarding him. Good to be vindicated, but this needs to be a lesson not to knee-jerk reaction everything and to actually be more open to alternative information that runs against the confirmation bias that exists.

  12. Been waiting since September for Evergrande to actually default. We still might not see the ripple affects on this for another few months, so don't expect anything immediately.

  13. Cool. Their stock stopped trading mid March, they defaulted end of April, and its June. What makes you believe this will have any effect on anything? It seems like CCP does what CCP wants and fuk all to everyone else. 🤷‍♂️

  14. The CCP doesn’t give a rat’s fuck about any of us or whatever the fuck you’re referring to. The only reason we are big on Evergrande defaulting is because companies like Tether use Chinese commercial papers which, in theory, if made worthless by credit rating agencies will completely collapse Tether, which means BTC will fall, which means crypto will fall, which means margin calls, which means… you know the rest.

  15. Remember how dominoes work, the falling speed of the first Domino is irrelevant, once it impacts the second one, the rest fall in quick succession.

  16. The hope is that with them being officially worth 0 there will be a cascading effect. It's pure unadulterated hopium. Such a powerful drug.

  17. This is almost 8 weeks old. I know you just received this letter, so what does that mean? No ratings agencies have updated bond ratings on Evergrande. If this is the final default notice, what can we expect going forward? Will Evergrande debt be useless as collateral. What is the next step? What are the next three steps?

  18. Every international bondholder has now received such notification from a paying agent as being notified about the default, every investor has to write the bonds to their market value. The current market value of our bonds is around 10 cents. Investors which had it used for one US dollar collateral have to write it down now to 10 cents. This will have an impact.

  19. Probably doesn't want people remembering when he was at court in the caymans. Taking this submission with many grains

  20. Likely already addressed on the HF side. I'm sure they saw it coming and were prepared. Just like with the executive order. I just HODL.

  21. Congratulations to citi for being net short evergrande bonds! Big achievement! Must have been working overtime to pull that one off!

  22. BOMP, BOMP, BOMP, another one bites the dust. And another criminal global corporation, that was foretold is gone, and another one is gone. Hey, I am looking at you. Citibank, Bezos, Gates, Citadel, Susequena, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Cede & Co, Depository Trust Corporation, the Federal Reserve. BOMP, BOMP, BOMP another one bites the dust. Hey is Marge calling you? Buy GameStop Direct Register and HODL.

  23. Evergrande missed payments. Like they have done before, and the deadline has been pushed back. What has changed? I don't wanna be the wet blanket, but I'm remaining skeptical for now.

  24. If nothing serious happens this week I'm gonna be pissed. The Chinese swaps should be all over wall St and a lot of firms should be at risk of margin calls for it.

  25. So over a month discrepancy between document date and when you received it. Nothing has happened since the date of the document, so why would it mean anything based on when YOU received it? Others may have received it within days, yet nothing has happened. Until shit falls off a cliff, this is as irrelevant as the first time it was mentioned.

  26. Yeah, absolutely, but go through the hassle of forging a letter from Citi just for some karma seems a little excessive, especially when retail cannot do anything about it. Publishing the letter does not affect GME directly, it only serves as hopium and some titty jacking. If this was fake, the OP really really has nothing better to do.

  27. Thank you for your service. It’s a big party, and we’re not invited. But you went that extra mile and helped open some curtains to the show. What happens next is anyone’s guess. But I’d say turbulence is expected to increase.

  28. My smooth brain is thinking the reason there's no media coverage is because the market hasn't crashed yet, and instead of blaming HFs for for all the crime and bs they will point to this and say it's China's fault when it all starts to crumble.

  29. NEWS FLASH,,, 🙄,, they were declared bankrupt back last December, what your seeing is just normal court paperwork 🥱

  30. With the Canadian housing bubble popping and this…the global economic repercussions are going to immense. The waves are swelling and we are about to see a tsunami hit mainland and wash away a lot.

  31. This is from Asian Markets Com. I'm not sure how legitimate that site is. But. They seem to be the only ones reporting it.

  32. You just stood hard to your work and thats how apes do, fucking AWESOME, i would like to see what comes next.

  33. Can a wrinkles brain just please explain how a company can "default" 20 times? Seems like every 3-4 days this company defaults! Just been too afraid to ask all this time

  34. Uh oh! This is the same Citibank that paid for naming rights to the Mets (Remember what you said, Steve?) Baseball Stadium owned by Steve Cohen's ugly ass.

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