Ken explains why Gabe shut down Melvin. He’s so nonchalant and cool about the whole thing. Shitadel lost money on Gabe as well.

  1. Everything about his body language and tone is defensive and guarded and disingenuous, I don't think he said anything that was actually true in that clip.

  2. If me buying and hodling is a problem than that’s not my fucking problem!! Ken is a master manipulator of stocks and also minds!

  3. In the past two minutes I've seen an excellent Blade Runner reference and now this. I fucking love this sub 😂

  4. "hundreds of hedge funds close down every year" ok... Then. Why all this media focus on Melvin?

  5. So, he's basically admitting that it was Melvin's short positions in GME that drove them out of business. You're next, fucker!!

  6. 'I'm not gonna second guess his choice in life'?? Life? What a strange way to word it. I thought this was business? Billions of dollars worth of business.

  7. Yeah it's hard to avoid nonsense when there's not 5 other people in the room for the sole purpose of making you say the right things

  8. So a guy he refers to as the greatest investor of his generation and likely had funneled investment capital to is a person/business he has not communicated with in one of the most volatile markets in recent history…….

  9. Yea. Never mind the potentially life saving companies they’ve ran to the ground all to make a buck. Not to mention all the jobs they’ve single handedly destroyed all to crave their greed. Someone posted a DD that when we are close the FUD will begin that all the market crash is due to redditors using their stimmies on GME.

  10. He still needs to practice his blinking. Once every minute is not enough to make a credible human being.

  11. Damn that man's voice is so annoying and pathetic. For a person wielding so much financial power, I'm surprised he talks and looks like a spineless jellyfish.

  12. "That's business...I mean gambling with teachers pensions...I mean meme stock buyers stealing money from teachers. "

  13. It's not really nonchalant and cool. He's very defensive and extremely measured in everything he says. Pretty tense actually listening to him. He's fucked.

  14. They are all playing with other peoples' money, so they can be so disconnected with any emotions on loss, which does not affect their own personal fortune.

  15. That was it, the average hedge fund lasts 3 yrs, fuckin Ken thinks he’s above it all and out of that revolving door. He’s untouchable.

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