Who’s next? Tendies incoming!

  1. For the rest of my life, I will NEVER forget being taunted by that arrogant disaster of a human. Only a teeny, tiny, desperate person in his position behaves that way. His best days are behind him, I have no doubt.

  2. can't wait for the montage/meme videos of their collapse to be made. Finest investor though, right Kenny?

  3. Crash and burn already you fucking idiots. Nobody will ever invest with your shitbox hedge fund or any other one you create ever again. Your ability to make shareholders money is a joke, just like your entire life's work, you scumbag piece of shit fucking loser.

  4. Not sure. I read somewhere that Citadel might have taken over the whole short position basket off of these smaller hedgies. So who knows

  5. I would bet they've sold off their position to someone else already. If they haven't and they start to cover but can't and default it will go to the prime brokers.

  6. Now would be the time to buckle if you haven’t buckled already, I might as well put on the 🪖 while I’m at it, this going to be more than the average turbulence scare

  7. Hahaha these fucks have been charging management fees still? While being down 50%?! You’re a moron if you kept your money with Gabe

  8. Not necessarily. The shorts that existed before the sneeze were in the single digits. That's been the problem this whole time.

  9. The cynical side of me still says that citadel chose Melvin to die for the cause. The story will be “apes win” it’s finally over. But little do they know, it’s only the beginning.

  10. So Kenny holds the bags and they’re hidden in swaps. They run the price quarterly because they’re hedged with entropy swaps. So they actually profit off of volatility. Am I getting this right? Seeing Melvin close shop is fucking amazing though

  11. ,,, 🤔,, 🔥🔥🔥 if they do hold a large amount of shorts, they don't have enough money to cover the shorts, even with all the customers money.

  12. They never closed their position. They used swaps and Citadel bailed them out. They also don't have the obligation to make the investors whole.

  13. No point in keeping it going when you’re that far below the high watermark. Probably hard to keep employees, too, since compensation for these investment managers is typically largely bonus based driven by fund performance.

  14. Wut mean?! I thought that he was one of the finest investors of this generation 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. I’m not really sure why they think we will sell. With current market conditions and known manipulation…GME is the only thing I trust. I’ll just hodl and get my dividend stocks thanks

  16. So I'm guessing Melvin took on some shit positions since they were going to fail anyways. Helping their bros survive just 1 more day...tick tock

  17. Is "wind down" some kind of technical financial term that is supposed to mean something? Because to me it's just a needlessly complicated way to say "fucking closed."

  18. PLEASE, for the love of God, stop posting zerohedge-tweets. It’s a grifter account and you’ve got so manu other sources you could have used.

  19. Real question is how do they intend to unwind their short position? Will they need to sell it to someone else? Unsure how this works.

  20. So, when did we go from "we don't do 80% false and without source, zerohedge post here anymore" to "lets do a speed ranking like someone important tweeted"?!

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