Revolut not executing market order. Can not even cancel it, support says "liquidity issues".

  1. no such excuse as "low liquidity" for a goddamn market order. it should SLAP THE ASK immediately. get angry with support

  2. This is exactly MMs purpose is to provide the liquidity. That’s a reason why they say they need special exemption to short as a tool. Unless they are doing crime and are only providing liquidity when it benefits them.

  3. Here is their explanation. Usually transactions are executed by our broker in a few seconds, however, sometimes it may take a little longer. The big factor here is the number of orders our partner has received, the nature of the market, the liquidity of the instrument (stock) as well as the volume on the market. Please remember that the price per share given before clicking 'Buy' is only indicative and the executed price may be slightly different when the order is completed.

  4. Yes but that only applies to market orders. With a limit or stop oder the price is predetermined and the time is the variable...

  5. They must be using all of the fake liquidity to wash trade it down. Can't afford to let any get bought by DRS-ing apes!

  6. Okay so there is no liquidity? I.e., no supply. Doesn’t that mean the price should rise? To find a seller, willing to let their share go, for the price you’re willing to buy, go meet the demand? Until an equilibrium price is found and the transfer is made?

  7. If there are no shares available, instead of creating synthetics, don’t you WANT them to not execute a fake trade? I’m not sure how this is bad on their part.

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