No immediate purchase available? Order queued. WHAAAAT?

  1. Well, it looks like you're trying to buy a fractional share. Maybe your broker doesn't have a faction that works for you.

  2. Why can't a fractional share fill if it's being bought at market? Surely someone else is also buying fractional to fill the rest of the fraction. Unless this a limit buy smooth brain here.

  3. Fractional shares aren't bought and sold on the market. They're not a real thing. They're a construct of brokers - brokers buy whole shares, then sell fractions of them internally to their clients. The brokers hold the full shares, and credit your account with a fraction of a share, with another account being credited with the other fraction.

  4. The filling of a fractional share doesn’t rely on another person buying the rest of the part of the share. The broker usually will buy the whole share. Think of it like an apartment building. The broker is the landlord

  5. DRSing via Revolut/Drivewealth was easy peasy at any time. 90% of my gme is in Computershare. I buy the occasional stonk because it's done with a tap. But this now really pisses me off.

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