❤️Ryan Spice ❤️

  1. I need a super compilation of all the face replaces that have been posted just mashed up all into a big ass loop. I'll play it on a dedicated tv day in day out forever in my mansion

  2. You know how I know why he's gonna love it? He loves every faceswap with him as a woman somehow and I love him even more for that❤

  3. I like to imagine RC giggling to himself when seeing something like this, and then debating on whether to post it on Twitter. I bet he won't be able to help himself with this one. It's just too good.

  4. 'faps furiously while looking straight in his eyes' ow yes daddy GIMME FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCEEEEE uuuughekdjdnxnd...

  5. This Reddit group must be endless entertainment for Ryan. We are bordering worship here. I picture Men in Black with the bus locker but Ryan peeking in and we are ready with our spice girls tribute video.

  6. I just got caught watching this… my wife doesn’t know is she’s pissed or grossed out. I’m still watching.

  7. Don’t get me wrong. I love RC and all that he represents right now but goddamn if these videos don’t give me nightmares. 🤮😂

  8. Y'all just keep making me more and more attracted to Ryan, and it's very confusing for me, but not really since I have been in love with Ryan Reynolds since Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place lmao

  9. My little wee wee is just so confused! Should it feel tickled or not tickled? Why is it feel so wrong and right at the same time? Help me!

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that this is unfunny and borderline creepy? Don’t get me wrong, I owe Ryan my life but those edits are a little bit…

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