Blackrock wants to be “perfectly clear”… where have we heard that before?

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m paying more attention to these 1% scum lately, but everything that comes out of every rich persons mouth is full of technicalities and trying as hard as they can to veer a narrative clear of what they’re actually doing. It’s like cooking your books in a conversation. Fucking obviously Blackrock owns more housing than any other entity in the US, the fact that they said this is evil, manipulative, and an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

  2. Crony Billionaires and Politicians. Neither can give a straightforward answer. Maybe they are one and the same.

  3. Them making a statement about this is telling me that they must be scared of all the attention their activities are receiving, which is fantastic

  4. They purchase assets and net them together as a subdivision community or whatever. They rent them out as community housing. There is you technicality. They also bulk purchase a majority multi-family housing assets, so there is that. BKR is snatching up land and houses, Goldmans, they are all grabbing everything. Houses are like diamonds, the price does not meet the actual demand to availability ratios.

  5. It’s all written very obviously to create loopholes. Blackrock isn’t buying individual real estate. Aladdin is. Their robo-algo-AI-money printing machine..

  6. Unfortunately, one of my friends is selling their house and Blackrock or a subsidiary may have been one of their offers. He doesn't believe me when I try to describe why they're scumbags, because he thinks they're a sort of middle man for real people buying houses here and there, and not a conglomerate that wants to make everyone rent.

  7. “Let me be perfectly clear” every time you hear them say this they are about to lie. Also i chug a beer when i hear this and have been drunk for 3 straight months! 🍻

  8. Let me be perfectly clear means just that. Literally what they said. It will stand in court because they chose those words wisely "let me be clear, I've never emailed xyz" when you have in fact texted him on it2 phone. "Blackrock hasn't bought houses" but their subsidiaries have.

  9. That's true -- only Generically-Named Subsidiary Shell Corp With No Relation to Blackrock, NoSirree Inc. SPAC #582 has been buying individual (and entire neighbourhoods) of houses in the U.S. and Canada! Totally different!


  11. "We're buying a collection of lumber and masonry arranged in a manner that creates a volumetric space with which to enter and exit acording to local building codes.."

  12. Also they just set up shop in Canada, sure sure "not buying houses In the U.S.... virgin islands (because we already own all of those)"

  13. I guess they could be the primary investor in a group buying houses and then benefit from rental income without directly owning the homes.

  14. I know this will give everyone "trust me bro" vibes, but I had a huge confirmation with a company that is battling with BlackRock over buying homes.

  15. Omission of the truth, no matter how you word it, is an effin lie. They all think they are so clever, but they just come off looking desperate to me.

  16. I remember hearing a while back that it was actually blackSTONE that was scooping up the houses. But I wouldn't be surprised if all these greedy fucks were doing it

  17. Look into black stone and black rock… It’s very incestuous! As they were started by the same group of people and are essentially spinoffs of each other

  18. Right! Like at that exact time of giving that quote they might not have been buying but I’ll bet ya right before AND after they were…thru a subsidiary of course.

  19. All these companies keeping a straight face while they act like we’ve never heard of the concept of a shell company or a subsidiary. Sure, Blackrock. You’re very clever and sneaky.

  20. That's like saying your not buying the coke from the drug dealer. But the store you own. Which is very profitable happens to have a renowned employee named cokehead Cramer working the register. Since there is so much foot traffic for cramers junk the store in turn does very well. Actually the best

  21. Hmm sounds like old Kenny boi testimony "let me be perfectly clear absolutely not" when asked if he spoke to Robinhood

  22. Riiiiight. Of course they aren't buying individual houses, they are buying tranches of dogshit wrapped in catshit.

  23. If the company with the largest AUM in the history of mankind can't release an official statement on a very particular issue that isn't open to interpretation then they're deliberately being deceptive.

  24. We at Blackrock are not buying houses, we just have controlling autonomy over all the companies that are buying all the houses.

  25. Where’s the link for this? Can we start requiring links for all these screenshots making it on here?

  26. I heard Ken Griffin say this once. He is a financial terrorist. Does this make BlackRock financial terrorists? I don’t know. But, Ken Griffin p, founder of Citadel Securities based in Chicago, IL, is most definitely a financial terrorist at large.

  27. Chances are they are. But even if not individual houses, could be most of a community and that's not just 1 house.

  28. The houses are not for “individuals” so the comment is true. They’re for corporate investment portfolios, way worse than for individuals.

  29. I wish i was rich enough to put a billboard up right out side their office that says "To be perfectly, unequivocally, clear, and to state it rather simply, I do not believe you... at all."

  30. Companies like Blackrock and Amazon and Walmart need to seriously get whacked by anti-monopoly laws and split up, but they've got too many fingers in different types of pies, they can probably argue they're not a monopoly, but they're far too big for their britches and need competition.

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