GME Post Stock & Individual Stock Split Price Example

  1. I’m pretty well conditioned to buy dips, so I will likely buy more on split day just out of reflex.

  2. Same here, I honestly think with the amount of people buying and holding, the stock would go up fairly quickly. I just posted hoping I can save an unaware ape the agony of seeing the price divided by 7 and not knowing that it's from a stock split.

  3. I really can’t wait for this moment!! Let it come! My own plan this moment is to save money and one week before the shareholders meeting I will buy.

  4. But dividends have to be covered by shorts, and isn't there a share recall before to ensure right dividend distribution?

  5. Yes, I think that's one of the effects of the stock dividend. TSLA and Overstock has done the same and had success with far less short interest.

  6. I got into this whole situation in January after they shut off the buy button. I missed buying at $5, $15, even $20 per share in early January. I’ll be damned if I miss out on this opportunity again.

  7. Has there been any mention of an inverse stock split? GameStop have only spoken about a split but it can go either way. If it’s a reverse stock split the value of each share goes up and less shares than current total. Would also lock the float immediately??

  8. I do not think GameStop would issue a reverse stock split because the price would be higher and retail usually buys lower prices. One of the reasons why Berkshire A is so high in price is because they do not want investors that buy and sell it a lot. The high price of $460,000 per share is a barrier for most of retail to enter and trade Berkshire A. However, they can still trade Berkshire B, but that's $310.

  9. I think it's important to realize that this can only be an approximation. It makes sense that the price would be reduced when more shares are issued. But market price is based on transactions. What happens when we still don't sell? What happens when there aren't enough new shares to cover all the naked shorts?

  10. That's true, I used the current price to illustrate what could potentially happen after the stock split and inform others to not be alarmed because for example:

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