Finally Someone said it 🙈

  1. Nah. She's always been that way. I think she's been on the island shouting about the crime so long she assumes nobody else gets it, or at the very least won't get it the way she does. Unfortunately, I think it has blinded her to the idea of NON-fungibility. She's having a hrad time wrapping her head around that.

  2. Have felt that way since her AMA. She doesn't understand the potential of NFT's. Overstock actually did squeeze a bit... but their tokens weren't NFT's they were FT's (not sure what else to call them). They were fungible, meaning not unique. She has some sort of disconnect with the technology. Still happy she's around, just wish she could explain the tech so that I know she gets it (every explanation I've seen she's missing the non-fungilble part), and then explain why it will or won't work. She hasn't done that as far as I am aware.

  3. I’m all for poking holes and debunking hype theories. But I have full trust in RC to bring us to the promised land. If Dr. T says the overstock situation did nothing, it’s either a misunderstanding or just part of the puzzle that RC is creating. I have absolutely no worries about posts saying what we’ve been waiting for isn’t what we thought it was because there’s a selfless team ahead of us that knows what they’re doing

  4. The first mistake you and Miss PhD made is to compare Overstock with GME. The second you made was to try and work out what RC is up to. If the SHF cunts don't know what he is planning why would you or any PhD bitch know .....???? Now sit down and shut up!

  5. While I agree that RC is a mastermind and he and his amazing team will likely have the ultimate game plan to truly destroy this mess, I do t agree with calling Dr. Trimbath a bitch. She was instrumental in pointing retail investors towards DRS and how not doing that let’s the corruption continue. She may not have tweeted exactly what we want to hear, but that doesn’t make her a bitch.

  6. Dr. T has been fighting the good fight for decades now. Naked short selling is only part of the problem. It's also tolerance for trades to fail, and remain so indefinitely and that borrowed shares are allowed to be used to cover FTDs again, with no time limit.

  7. Lol she has factually put more time and effort to fight wall street corruption and support retail than any of us, put together.

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