Lower your expectations regarding the impact of the stock dividend 🙏🏼

  1. I think most of us will at least double our investment after MOASS. It would only make sense to buy back into the company that made you a multi millionaire.

  2. We ARE gonna destroy Citadel with the dividend. WHY? Because they have to pay every damn stonk they created out of air and somebody bought.

  3. Fuck yea way came here to say this. Post sounds negative and shills but I believe this dividend will be a GAME CHANGER, No pun intended. RC IS A 5D CHESS PLAYER

  4. Do we know they can't just create a naked share and deliver us that though... I mean they've been naked shorting for years right?

  5. One thing I've learned from video games is you never know when the last boss is going to die. Bars of health change color, they change their form five times, etc. Hopeful for the dividend, but holding for infinity.

  6. Sorry bro but I’ll disagree. The stock split is everything. RC isn’t tweeting as aggressively as he is about shorts if he didn’t know that his plan was a 🔒. Of course KG will do everything he can to survive another day and we will see some serious nonsense but it won’t matter. The buy pressure from RC and company, stock split dividend and retail fomo will just be too much. I do however believe they will drag this out and pause trading on GME for days at a time to try and kill momentum but it will only make things worse. After all, the DOJ is actively investigating and likely watching every move.

  7. I don’t think the stock dividend is everything but it is something i’m very excited about and can’t wait to see it play out.

  8. Yeah I don’t think the spilt it everything. It doesn’t change the ratios of owned shares at all. What it does do, is pumps up the interest the shorts have to pay on the borrowed shares by a lot. If the idea is to do that, AND make the shares more appealing to more investors by dropping the price, then it would seem like RC wants the entire float DRSd. Then he can just say, ‘all the shares are accounted for with computershare, we’re moving them off Wall Street to a new environment and leaving the DTCC’. That forces the shorts to close bc those shares left will be counterfeit. But I digress. The spilt/dividend doesn’t really do much except cut them a little deeper.

  9. I’m not saying that it won’t happen, I’m saying that nothing may happen. Even if RC is tweeting in twitter, he is absolutely right about the fuckery in the markets. But him beeing right regarding the fraud doesn’t mean that he or his moves are going to crack the SHFs. His move will have some impact but even he doesn’t know what the outcome will be. It’s a calculation, a Prognose or thesis. But until it happens nothing happened. He has a plan for his company and his shareholders and he understands the market mechanisms, that’s it. He can’t see the future but he has a vision and a mission. I get your point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊

  10. I'm all for it but I do think we gotta temper our expectations a bit. How many hype dates have already passed?

  11. Unless the company runs out of money and needs to again sell off part of the company to raise funds, then short sellers have no effect on the company.

  12. I agree with you. Being 100% invested with one’s money doesn’t imply one has to also be 100% emotionally invested.

  13. I disagree. Some people may get their expectations up too high and get disappointed if things don’t happen as quickly or as great as expected.

  14. I’m gonna have to trust EC. He wouldn’t be doing this without a plan that destroys hedge funds. Regardless what happens, it accelerates us faster to MOASS! 🚀

  15. Well I will personally tell them...... "first time???🤣🤣".... then maybe use that pirate meme where thier gonna b hung and it says first time?

  16. I'm just excited to have my shares multiplied. GameStop is becoming a tech company. Coinbase currently heavily oversold and still worth double GameStop. The stock dividend is a huge opportunity when you realize what will happen in the next couple years when GameStop is properly valued. This will be a similar opportunity to the 7 for 1 split of Apple back in 2014. If you took advantage of that and held until today then you made life changing gains.

  17. This definitely. But this is a longterm view you are sharing. I’m referring to the high short term expectations. Getting phone number figures after the split.

  18. Why shift the narrative from having MOASS to "if moass does not happen we should just go longterm". Fuxck that logic I am here for MOASS to happen and this goal did not change in the last 1 1/2 years ...

  19. All I know is, I'm waiting for 100 milly a share then the hedgefucks can have my synthetics back and do what they want with them

  20. I think this post needed to be made for new people. I agree could go ether way at first. If they have the ability to drop the fake price on a hype date they will.

  21. I have no expectations at this point. I just know I’m invested in some deep f****** value. At some point it will be worth “more”.

  22. I agree with OP, expect nothing.....but then again I do always get excited because tomorrow is the day moass happens....

  23. From these comments it’s sounds like if the stock split dividend doesn’t MOASS a lot of these commentators are going to bail and paper hand. And not wait to see if they then go to a NFT dividend or move to a blockchain stock market.

  24. Agreed. Personally I’m scared that nothing happens and that’s why I’m only DRSed in amount I’m fine with being long term with. If MOASS never happens I still like the company and where RC is taking it. But there are certainly a lot of paper handed popcorn kiddos in here that are convinced shiny graphs and historical sneezes are the rule, not the exception. 🤷‍♂️

  25. No. All I've heard for the last year is that this is a kill-shot move. The dividend was supposed to be something that utterly destroys SHFs. Don't even try to start undoing the DD now.

  26. I would think an NFT dividend would be a kill shot move - no way of “paying” this without providing the NFT dividend itself. Personally I think the stock split dividend is a precursor to that. It provides another situation where SHFs can unwind, and if they choose not to, lays the groundwork for an NFT dividend while nulling any legal argument from the HFs side.

  27. There is no DD that supports that. There are some initial unsupported claims, which are then repeated as fact, which are then repeated by someone else as a fact.

  28. I’m not undoing anything 😊 and I think your are being sarcastic but just in case you are not: I’m trying to lower the expectations. Because even though the financial market is collapsing no one is changing the rules for how the market should be treated. Shorting, naked shorting, dark pools and overleveraging are still on the menu. Why?: it brings money to the elites. So that’s why I’m lovering expectations and everybody should.

  29. this isn't a dividend. Well it's a stock split given as dividend but the kill shot move that happened already happened with another company and is confirmed to work was an nft dividend. Can't create phantom nft's but phantom shares are easily created.

  30. If I would know the answers I would share them. If people would know for sure that something will happen, don’t you think that everybody would ran to his bank and pick a max loan he can afford to invest? But nobody is doing it? Why not if the Dividend will make you a shit ton of money.l? Everybody knows that something or nothing may happen, but it’s easier to call people out on this rather than to admit that the idea is not that wrong. If the people are sure why don’t they take out loans for guaranteed money? Makes no sense to me.

  31. RC wants to grow his company in the long term and shake off shorts, providing value to shareholders. This does not mean that he wants it done in one moment that might crash the stock market.

  32. Not at all. Giving another perspective. It’s better to have as much views and information as possible to make better decisions. Or are you gonna tell me that you’ve only read one DD in this sub to make up your mind about being invested in GameStop? 😊

  33. Stock split/dividents has been debunked a long time ago as being a "reasonable" way to force shorts to close.

  34. Stock dividends usually have a great impact given the market mechanics of having to close your short positions because the SHF is responsible for either providing the shares or simply closing their positions. Cash is not an option.

  35. I agree in as much as I won't drop more on this than I can afford to lose even though I'm certain I won't lose anything. Don't over stretch yourself kids. Stay sane. Buy, hold, drs.

  36. Upvoting because other points of view are valuable and there is very little nuance in this sub as it is. If a stock split were 100% a guarantee of MOASS then why have smaller SHFs who may survive if they’re the first to cover not done so yet? If the writing is so certainly on the wall for us, then surely it is for them too?

  37. MOASS ran it’s course. GME is done, I’ve seen people argue fundamentals and technicals. The fundamentals is that with subscription based services, nowadays people are getting their games on steam or PlayStation network. The technicals, price is at an overall downtrend rn bouncing between some S & R zones but overall looks like consolidation after surge down which usually means one thing.

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