Super cool blackrock….tell us more

  1. Just single-family homes? Any and all property is more Blackrock’s style! And they have the ads to not let you know the truth to prove it!

  2. So then They just have major stakes in the REITs and investors that are buying single-family homes. They also are buying multi-family homes, apartment buildings, and commercial real estate

  3. Blackstone is the company with a large real estate portfolio. Blackrock is a separate company from Blackstone.

  4. Not a shill and agree break up black rock, this may be true. I can’t imagine any real reason black rock would ever want to buy physical property… if anything they’re buying mortgages, which is different.

  5. "Real estate works well with inflation. This is because, as inflation rises, so do property values, and so does the amount a landlord can charge for rent. This results in the landlord earning a higher rental income over time. This helps to keep pace with the rise in inflation. For this reason, real estate income is one of the best ways to hedge an investment portfolio against inflation."

  6. Check out what Lloyds bank is doing in Britain- it’s on track to become the biggest landlord in the country (and also making it difficult to get mortgages, but I’m sure that’s entirely coincidental…). My guess is that the exact same thing is happening globally.

  7. It TECHNICALLY may not be BlackRock, but bet your ass it’s a subsidiary of there’s, F all these companies

  8. Fuck Blackrock. I hope they disappear. We alll know they lie thru their teeth, spilling bullshit all over whoever they are talking to. No credibility whatsoever, except w the sleezy scum politicians they pay off.

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