Elon Musk is NOT Your Friend

  1. True. Hell, most of the people in this sub don't have my best interests in mind. (Which is perfectly ok)

  2. You mean the richest man on the planet who touts his slavery of Chinese workers and continues to exploit his power to manipulate markets doesnt have my best interest in mind?

  3. He's not YOUR guise's friend, maybe. But he's coming over tonight to play Monopoly at my house. He insists on playing the money bag and starting with all the properties and wants mom to make her special meatloaf and dances around taunting me everytime I lose.. but I don't mind because I fucking hate Monopoly and at least it's over quickly. I tolerate it because he's improving the world of Monopoly and wants to make his own version of Mars Monopoly which sounds cool except when you lose you aren't bankrupt, you die.

  4. Something something daddys apartheid South Africa emerald mine... Only purchased companies never founded... Something something

  5. He also has nothing to do with GME, so I don't know why he keeps getting posted and why mods don't delete the posts.

  6. I’ve got a feeling some of the mods are musk fan boys. We should posts lists of all the evil shit he does to scare away the fucking Elon fans lol

  7. I can’t stand all the Elon Fan Boys. I’ll admit he has done some cool shit (SpaceX is bonkers), but otherwise, just another billionaire that will fuck anyone over to maintain their wealth. I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on his shoes let alone shake his hand.

  8. The Behind the Bastards podcast does an excellent 2-part episode on ELon, titled 'Why I do not like Elon Musk very much'

  9. The only thing he has in common with GME holders is that he hates short sellers. I view them as people who are trying to make money using other peoples’ money. They literally provide no value to the world at all. Creators, thinkers, inventors, doers, revolutionizers…these are the people that should be benefiting most monetarily. Hedge funds and short selling leeches are a cancer to the entire system.

  10. More deplorable. Smart billionaires aren’t out here trying to be personalities. That’s why RC tweets poop emojis and shit, nobody got nothing to go off of

  11. One caveat here….if he uncovers tons of fake accounts and gets a 20-40% discount on Twitter and still buys it, I’ll be impressed.

  12. It’s beginning to look like another Elon Fuckery situation I don’t think he realizes that he’ll actually damage his brand if he doesn’t pull this off now.

  13. I think if you're going to post something like this at least put as much evidence as possible to make your point.

  14. And this thread is NOT needed. What the fuck is this garbage and 300 upvotes to boot? Who gives a fuck about Elon or what he does. Take that shit back to Twitter or whatver other shit hole media medium people tend to brigade on.

  15. When did SuperStonk became a forum to discuss Musk ? 🙄 He Bad He good, DOESN'T matter. This is not the place.

  16. I disagree. Not going to argue with anyone about it, but looking at his actions and intentions and his interviews I come to the opposite conclusion as op

  17. In all honesty I don't have an opinion about Elon Musk himself, but I am thoroughly entertained by his attempt take over of Twitter and people going apeshit.

  18. Yeah but you know what else gets tiring? These opinion posts no one asks for telling us who we should and shouldn’t listen to, and who is and isn’t our friend.

  19. Lol wut does this have to do with gme. Or is this just a don’t pay attention to Elon post that’s too short sighted to see all it’s accomplishing is giving him more attention?

  20. Came from riches. Stayed rich. His only real achievement is Paypal (as cofounder, through merger). The rest are Kardashian-like achievements. If you have a few hundred million, you can accomplish a lot of things. Even become a "self made billionaire"

  21. OP out here assuming their position is self-evident instead of providing evidence. Probably totally willing to use MSM stories to support their position if pressed. What a planet.

  22. Mods, why is this useless trash left up? Has nothing to do with GME. Seriously go find a “I hate Elon” sub, I suggest antiwork.

  23. ABSOLUTELY. He's no Ducking Hedge fund or politician insider trading SEC Exec or BCG turd. A Kenneth Griffin or Stevie Cohen And THAT is a MAJOR achievement. I Give him credit for that. What did these fuckers ever produced for human kind? They just stole, robbed, lied and deceived.

  24. This is my take on it as well. It's too reductive to hate on an imperfect man because he's not the billionaire you would be. I think given his accomplishments, his good outweighs the bad and there are far worse corrupt rich powerful people in this world and I'd like to give EM the benefit of the doubt that he's trying to combat that. He is playing chess and I don't take anything he does at face value. I'm not a fan boy but I am cautiously optimistic since it's hard for me to believe he just wants more money. Is that a factor? Of course it is, but he could do a million other things if his intention is to either secure his wealth for generations or if he just wanted to be admired, but personally I don't think those are his motivations. Time will tell what history writes about him.

  25. "Done more for humanity"? Can we have one example, please? He bought companies he thought were cool because he has the mind of a 12 year old, and he got lucky. He has nothing on people who have actual accomplishments: medical researchers, humanitarians, rescue workers, and aid workers. To name a few. If short selling lined his pockets, he'd be all for short selling. He's human garbage.

  26. And who the heck are you to know anything about or speak to the integrity of Elon Musk? Who’s to say you’re a good person I should ever listen to?

  27. I personally believe that transitioning the world to green energy and becoming a multiplanet inhabiting species are two of the most important things humanity can achieve during my lifetime.

  28. I honestly like "absolute free speech" even when I hate it or it is directed against me and my beliefs. This includes what I or others might view as "hate speech" because who is the judge? What if someone thinks our view of Citadel and Griffin is "hate speech"?

  29. I think he's just a high functioning autist in the nicest meaning. He's not out there to be purposefully evil or anything like that. He's already the richest man on the planet and his most important company is still private. If he wanted to crush Bezos he'd just take SpaceX public. So I don't think money is it.

  30. Hey, I have an idea. Lets make a powerful person hate us. Let's post a bunch of opinions about our, "feels" about an individual, with very little real evidence posted.

  31. Personally I don't think there's any need in this sub going out their way to character assassinate any wealthy person that makes a tweet, we know our game plan don't get distracted.

  32. That's pretty charitable all things considered. Personally I think his views are abhorrent at best lol

  33. Seriously, he's an attention whore, oppressor of workers, richest man in the world in a world full of disgustingly rich assholes.

  34. We need as much well known names fighting for freedom of speech as possible. Those that are the enemy seem to be against musk. So I'm with him.

  35. And this thread is NOT needed. What the fuck is this garbage and 300 upvotes to boot? Who gives a fuck about Elon or what he does. Take that shit back to Twitter or whatver other shit hole media medium people tend to brigade on.

  36. I kinda like him , I mean he tweet Gamestonk so he’s aware, he hates the short sellers same as me. You know the enemy of my enemy is my friend fits well here.

  37. Tesla was shorted as much as GME. That's the commonality. He was a CEO who said fuck you to SEC and hedge funds. Don't get it twisted, Elon is NOT part of the good ol boy club that bezos and gates play on

  38. “Working” aka doing fat lines of Adderall and tweeting and getting pissed when his workers try to unionize because he is overworking them

  39. You are entitled to your opinion. But please keep the hate mongering to a minimum? At least try not to make unsubstantiated claims about the guy.

  40. Your projecting a whole lot of bs in this post. Not saying Elon is a friend but it easy to see you got a lot of your own personal emotions tangled up in this post. I think u need a break from the internet dude. Go touch some grass.

  41. Big facts. His parents owned a diamond mine in apartheid South Africa and he continues to profit off of slavery today. He is not a humanitarian and he is not our friend.

  42. This post is 🚮🚮🚮.... it got nothing to do with gme!!! Delete this shit.... oh unless.... the enemy of my enemy is my friend!!! ... u know what elon musk hates more then anything!!! The sec and Short sellers!!! Yeah I think musk is my friend in this saga.... the destroyer of shorts I believe he called himself.... sounds like a goal to me.... im behind his goal!!.... I'd bet ur wife him n rc r in cahoots to destroy the shorts!!!

  43. Well certain things have to be admitted. He hates the short selling gig and the SEC. 2. He is pushing for sustainability for future humans through tesla and battery/electric evolution, space x, boring, nueralink, etc. That said, he may now be helping to fight the too AI from being tought that financial terrorism is the correct way. Many will suffer, the AI will work. This is very relevant and cannot be ignored.

  44. Shill. Who do you think writes those articles? Who do you think wants Tesla to fail? SHF!!! Same ones shorting GME have shorted Tesla for years. This post is full tilt shill BS.

  45. Lol, says all of the mission statements of his companies 😂 WTH are you doing to make the world a better place?

  46. He became a billionaire because he successfully challenged legacy financial systems. That's what we're trying to do. I think his "disdain for human rights" is a misrepresentation of his particular brand of autism, which is focused on the long-term survival of our species and isn't particularly bothered with the day-to-day risks of life. He's not great, nor terrible, and there are plenty of other rich people to be mad at.

  47. You're saying that someone who grew up in the upper classes of an apartheid society who exploited people in emerald mines is not on my side as a low level peasant?

  48. Yeah there was some post earlier from a Elon shill and it was like a combination of ar/iamverysmart and ar/teslamotors.

  49. OP, respectively I disagree. It seems like you’re just trying to start something based on your own opinions But it doesn’t matter because real superstonkers know what’s going to happen. We just like the stock

  50. He’s awful to his workers look it up. His Chinese workers work 996. Which means 9 am to 9pm 6 days a week. He’s ruthless to any words of unionizing. He attacks whistle blowers when they rattle about how bad working conditions are in his factories. He forced his factories to stay open during the height of the pandemic causing them to have big sexy out breaks. He’s just like his dad who participated in apartheid and owned a emerald mine with “fair wages” and “good working conditions.” Elon musk is an evil shit head. All the Elon fanboys are fucking morons for not seeing the truth of it.

  51. Elon Musk cares about humanity. Is he looking out for our personal interests? Nobody does that but me. I don't see the need for this post. I'm not friends with any celebrity and don't feel the need to )ey anybody know who their friends are either.

  52. This post will get removed as it has literally nothing to do with GME, but before you go OP, just a heads up - brash, edgy billionaires who are public facing and use their wealth to build, create and progress the human race are far better than those whom you've never heard about because they never leave the ivory tower from which they pull their puppeteer strings.

  53. The man is literally incapable of giving a shit about individuals. Literally. He has actual emotional disabilities. I know that nobody chooses to be that way, and it’s probably a struggle for him, but yeah, he’s not doing anything for anyone or anything other than himself and his own interests. You can go along for the ride and make a fortune or lose it all, he doesn’t care either way.

  54. Elon sent hella people here through OG sub with his gamestonk tweet and direct link to that sub. Bring on the down votes whatever

  55. I think you've got this pretty wrong. Sounds like delirious left wing talking points to me. Ridiculous actually.

  56. Name a billionaire that really gives a fuck about society except RC. They've made billions for themselves not by caring about the average folks like myself or you. Even a priest or pope slips up by sleeping with minors here and there. That tells you no one is a saint. You have to be narcissistic to become successful or else your just an average joe trying to make it.

  57. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I dont have to love him or the other things He does, but he is fighting shorts for a long time and was able to asskick them out of Tesla. In my opinion it would be the best for Kenny if we fight each other. So I welcome Elon and can hate him after the moass again.

  58. This goes both ways. I always see baseless claims about Elon and how bad and evil he is but people never back it up with actual facts or arguments as to why. It is, and has been for a long time, a hate campain against a person who has the power to change the system that is in place and the people in power are scared shitless of what he could potentially do and they do everything they can to dicredit and hinder him. This game plays both ways. Don't lose your crititcal thinking and stay unbiased.

  59. fuck musk, fuck his emerald mine trust fund, union busting bullshit. people holding him on a pedestal are fucking moronic. narcissistic capitalism at its purest

  60. Anyone who thinks Elon is out for himself hasn't got a fucking clue and haven't spent the time to watch a single interview of his of which there are hundreds. He could have retired over a decade ago, bought a superyacht and hung out with super models anchored next to a private island for the rest of his life yet instead started multiple companies with the intention of benefiting humanity. If you think he started these companies for money, again, you haven't watched a single interview. This guy was attacked by short selling funded MSM since Tesla's inception so he despises short selling and could be a huge ally in this fight yet people like you are trying to make out that he's the enemy. Good job.

  61. This is utter bullshit. You are entitled to your opinion but I gotta say, this entire thread seems very shilly to me. It would be helpful if you had any proof whatsoever of EM being part of some mythical cabal that keeps you from being wealthy.

  62. The guy’s family made wealth with apartheid emerald mining in South Africa and he praises the slave labor situation of China. For that alone I’d never buy his products. He’s given back nothing to the world that didn’t have an ulterior motive.

  63. This sub needs to quit hating on billionaires. Musk is awesome because he cares about free speech and honestly GME wouldn't be where it is today if he didn't tweet out gamestonk in the beginning contributing to getting massive attention on the stock, which contributed to the initial run up.

  64. There is merit to your complaint, but It's Bottom (Apes) vs Top ( Kenny & cohorts). Not Left vs Right. This is what makes this movement powerful. Save the ideological debates for after the MOASS.

  65. The fact that he said he will unban our last president from twatter tells me everything I need to know about Elon.

  66. Let’s become enemies with the richest person on earth while we are battling wallstreet while that person also dislikes wallstreet. Great plan dumbass.

  67. The man praised Chinese slave labor while calling the American Working class lazy for not being exploited. Same man who said believe science over him, then went ahead and forced his workers to continue production during a pandemic. He's also wasted a shit ton of tax payer money on vanity projects that he over hyped and under delived.

  68. Thank you for posting this, he’s a rich asshole billionaire who doesn’t care about poor people (us) anymore than bezos or griffin

  69. Elon Musk is an narcissist with Asperger's who was raised rich and inherited his parents' blood emerald fortune. He is not in any way aware of reality. He is spoiled rotten. He only cares about himself and his niche interests.

  70. I think elon musk works with citadel to help them make moves in the Market hes the distraction while they work in the shadows.... citadel is very long on tesla....

  71. He would slaughter a billion people if he thought it was for the "greater good", his ego is larger than his wealth

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