So I've heard 3 strong, competing theories for the quick jump from $78 to $108 the other day. Which one is true? Or could it be combinations?

  1. That's the annoying part: we mostly don't know, because we lack the necessary data. Sometimes people manage to dig deep enough to find actual proof, but usually we're just moving through thick fog.

  2. That's why we shouldn't believe anything that doesn't come directly from a GameStop SEC filing. Everything else is just speculation at best and misinformation at worst. The DRS number in GameStops 8K is all I want to see.

  3. This is how I know apes are the smartest retards alive . We find your ahit in the dark no data , no inside information . Strait facts and not only the minds that come together to make such beautiful god teir DD. They have done this with nearly breadcrumbs from what these hedge fucks have behind the curtain. Yet everything is predicted to a T from a year ago I fuxking love you all

  4. Hedge fund liquidated, Mayo boi shorting it back down, like swapping positions between friends, Melvin maybe 🤔

  5. Watching some different tickers drop like Amazon and Apple before the run up made me think it could be a liquidation, but I am just guessing as I know less than nothing.

  6. Or simply a bounce back after someone liquidated and sold their shares for a huge loss? I mean. Fuck occams razor, right?

  7. Not 1: this should have happened through dark pools, therefore no price impact. Also, Qty too small compared to volume. Consider 4: SWAPS Consider 5: Options

  8. I think the hedgies could've switch/modified tactics.. since nobody is selling... they pumped the price to 108 at open to cause some fomo/options and to "borrow" some shares.. then let the algos work it down to max pain.. while buying puts an shorting it.. easy money.. then again i have no idea what im talkin about lol

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