Over half of today’s volume was in Dark pools. And 67% of the rest was short volume… doesn’t leave many legitimate trades for real price discovery.

  1. I’ll say this again. The high short volume is actually bullish for us. It means longs aren’t selling and the only liquidity to sell to retail is coming from legally loaned and borrowed shorts or “likely” naked shorts sold by bona fide market makers like Shitadel. Not saying they’re a good thing but they’re the only reason we can scoop up shares on these dips. The longer the short volume stays high the more dips we will get, but also more rips as they fulfill their obligations to buy the shares back before the price goes too high and they lose on their shorts. It likely means big volatility and big swings both directions throughout the coming days. This high volume of short volume is a great sign that apes and retail in general are net buying and not selling a god damn thing

  2. YES. Thank you for being one of the only humans on this sub to recognize this. When off exchange volume is high, this indicates that retail is buying. This is because the brokers that retail uses routes to off exchange venues. When retail buys through off exchange it actually allocates more to short volume. 'Short is long' from what I have discovered after countless spread sheets looking at comparisons with high off exchange volume.

  3. Have you eyeballed other stocks on darkpool comparison%? It seem nyse% just keeps shrinking as well.. I'm so glad SEC is watching these absurd proportions🙄

  4. So this might be a stupid question, but when hedgies need to buy back stock during the MOASS, are they forced to use lit exchanges? Or can they buy through dark pools and slow the squeeze? Need a super smooth brain explanation to help get me wrinkles

  5. Good question. They can buy through dark pools if they are buying from each other. But they won’t have enough shares to cover all the shorts as we know how many are held by institutions and it’s not a lot, vs the amount of shorts that are actually out there. Once they have bought all they can off each other, they have to buy back from retail. And we won’t sell cheap. If they try and internalize the trades, I doubt they have the money to pay for all the covering anyway, but they will try to delay MOASS as long as they can.

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