1. One of the allowable reasons to mark an order short exempt is to resolve an odd lot. I wonder if the high short exempt volume represents an increase in odd lots from brokers due to a lack of liquidity.

  2. Not sure but this sounds interesting "These exceptions are intended to allow brokers to best serve their customers in panicked markets. "

  3. It allows them to short the stock beyond limits.. have a read on Google its pretty simple but it serves us nothing edible... it just makes it easier for the hfs to short the stock into oblivion

  4. Isn’t marking trades “short exempt” the way that APs or MMs can continue shorting when SSR is on, like the last few days.

  5. Yes. However, they could have closed some of those shorts during the same day. 6m shares short, 4m shares to close shorts (this is assuming no-one else bought) leaves us at a minimum of 2m shares sold short yesterday that are still open.

  6. Yesterday morning on Squawk @ CNBC, just after market opened, the lady version of Cokerat has a segment talking about short squeaze potential stocks. They highlighted things to look for, etc. Then they listed candidates; GME was there.

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