Example of Deflect Avoid and Gaslight. We are in a near catastrophic economic situation and the governing body PAID by the people Avoids this and Deflects to another time that is not now, then Gaslights that we are shielded and protected more now than ever before

  1. i love how he brings up the great depression, which spurred the Glass-Steagall act to protect retail, which he got rid of personally,

  2. Gary Gensler. A man with no integrity. If you would just shut down DARKPOOLS, then your words would make sense, otherwise it's just horse shit coming out of your mouth. So better shut the fuck up, asshole.

  3. Gary is/was a Goldman Sachs guy for many years and is a rich little man…We were stupid to think he would ever do anything but help his buddies and fuck retail…This system needs a BIG reset. We are Vengeance 🚀🚀🚀

  4. Instead of stupid could you mean like fools instead. i know i do anyway because i championed him along with thousands of us in the beginning but thats because we give people an opportunity to enact change and then when they dont produce, or work (weeks off for photoshoots is not work). We’re collectively pretty astute and he is the one that has failed to prove we are uninformed; and 2) not live up to the charter (even if it was never the SEC’s goal) to advocate for a fair market

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