Hey, Superstonk... if you didn't know what the pump/halt today was... it was a LIQUIDATION of (probably) a hedge fund.

  1. Should change flair to speculation. It's a good theory and it makes sense, but you've got no solid evidence. You're just making educated guesses based off the current data, but unless you've got files of the exact details like names, and numbers, then it's just speculation

  2. Could also be a big short seller closing some of their puts/shorts and Taking profits, After the market went straight down for weeks.

  3. It is exactly this kind of approach that makes Apes different. We don't just believe something (even if is convincing and it confirms all/most DD/biases about our favorite stock) without questioning and being led by facts and hard data. I love it.

  4. I was watching all the meme tickers on trading view at the same time and had the same thoughts. It was not just a volunteer gme buy in. I think it was a liquidation or possibly all ftd coverings. Both are ingredients to moass. Just need more of it at the same time

  5. Why cover ETF FTD's like that? blowing up the whole order book buying in gigantic chunks just to waste your own money? didn't look like any other ETF FTD cycle we've ever seen. please...

  6. This, it was expected we'd run because of ETF FTD covering. Possibly more to come the next 2 trading days if they didn't clear the majority in the big run.

  7. No no surely it must be the nost dramatic thing ss can think of and moass is tomorrow. Watch as people pile in on this run and then get rugpulled next 2 weeks.

  8. Just look at the meme tickers, don't need trust me bro. Why did they all pump at the same exact time, in a way that would cause halts?

  9. I bought some BBBY calls today, they’re still cheap as hell for some reason. Ryan Cohen has some options too. BBBY is in the meme basket and heavy call exposure on BBBY could cause GME to get started incidentally.

  10. If it was DTCC Computers why didn't the sells at 200, 500, and 500k get automatically hit with the price gapping up to them?

  11. That's a good question. I think it's a counter-factual to this theory. I think what we saw today is a version of what we'll see during the MOASS. I think the likely explanation for today is ETF FTDs as others have said. If we see the same thing again tomorrow, that will make the ETF FTDs theory closer to confirmed.

  12. Shit idk but maybe it’s apart of the algo. I mean I don’t know shit about fuck but who the fuck knows anything about the algo running this shit then the people that created it and own it.

  13. I remain on the fence about your take on this but it's provocative as fuck. If you did a well thought out write up with charts and other data I'd be the first one reading it.

  14. lots of fckery.. so much buying but the price aint going up.. but hedgefcks can put the price down and halt it when its going up 🤷‍♂️ i aint selling till i see milyans and milyans and milyans and milyans 👱‍♂️

  15. Assuming you're right..., you say a taste of, but I say they suppressed our MOASS pretty damn easily, who's to say they can't do that for every other one that fails? This suggestion makes me feel uncomfortable and second guessing myself. I don't like it.

  16. It could also have just been an HF closing their position (and taking the loss) if said loss was not going ruin them (it might hurt but they would survive vs. getting margin called later).

  17. This needs more visibility,… We might be seeing the first of many smaller HF grabbing their lifeline while they still can…. Probably their last chance at this price before the split

  18. I think you're onto something. Because I've sometimes wondered, why don't some of the small fry get out while they can? Well, maybe that's what we just saw. I guess only time will tell.

  19. Well said, I'm not versed enough in the market to know what had just happened but I knew it was important. I knew it wasn't RC, he doesn't have that kind of money. A little tastes of what is to come, just waiting for the S&P 500 to drop another 400pts to really get the juices going!

  20. Are you saying this run up was special as compared to previous cyclical run ups because halting was involved and therefore has to be a forced liquidation of some short fund?

  21. Why did blockbuster pop 4,300% today? Because forced buy back of naked shorts? Just asking because maybe it’s related…

  22. From what Ive gathered , if you own a zillion naked blockbusters you do this to up your collaterals to not be marzeend, else how/why would you aquire so much dead worthless good for noth/collateral paper that you can boost 4300% for no reason?

  23. You could feel it was different with the subtle selling pressure at open then the perfectly gaining green candles. A LOT different then most opens. It was straight up covering. It was beautiful.

  24. Margin calls and liquidation happening right in front of our eyes atm. This is what we have all been waiting for

  25. But if shitadel is just gonna re short gme everytime a SHF is liquidated and covering wouldn’t that stop moass? Genuine question

  26. Regardless of wtf it was, we are still being dragged sideways and hanging out under $90. No need to get excited just yet. We hit $500, then start to pay attention.

  27. Why do you say that? Too many experts and upvotes claiming ETF FTD in here to be so certain. Sorry bro, but I gotta doubt. I'm just gonna keep buyin' and DRS'in

  28. A lot of pushback on the theory. I think OP is onto something. They don’t want us telling people “hey look what happens when a small fund gets liquidated”

  29. Did all of the meme stocks halt or was it just gme? We honestly have no idea why or what happened so I’ll just hold please .

  30. It says, Popcorn Haulted 3 times too, but watching the ticker, it never stopped. I just don't get it. Guess I'll DRS more gme tomorrow. It's my go-to move.

  31. Did they Halt Porche when that happened? I don’t seem to understand the halt process. Let this shit rip and get it over with already.

  32. Ah ha! Said this morning that I thought someone failed to pick up the phone when Marge called. Part deduction and part luck in that call. Wish I could have picked my GME options like that this last spring. 1 week! 1 week longer on one of my options and it would have paid back all my losses and still gotten around $7000 profit. Options and I do not play together very well. I will stick to HODLing for phone number numbers.

  33. Tell me you don't visit Superstonk 10x a day without telling me you don't visit Superstonk 10x a day. Sorry but anyone who's been following this really closely knows your pulling that hottake straight out of your ass. We aren't stickyfloor, and shouldn't be entertaining this theory. No shade to you OP, but there no "evidence" in anything you've presented. Besides, today was an ETF FTD run that was predicted weeks or months ago.

  34. It is most likely not and I’ll tell you why. Today's price spike was likely from 2 things - institutions purchasing shares to balance out option chain which has made a few massive moves in the last week, - and institutions purchasing shares to cover FTDs due. That is why it all happened in the morning, quickly, and then dived right back down. Volume tanked as soon as they had what they needed. This was not retail buying, this was not FOMO, this was not shorts covering - this was simply daily business, that ended up being volatile and noticeable, because of the mess the rest of the markets are in...no liquidity anywhere, so they had to pay asking price.

  35. Only problem with this theory is, even if they were forced to buy by the algos to cover, if no one was selling, then the failed hedge fund could not have covered no matter what the algo was doing. There were almost no sell orders going through, meaning after the halts, the only thing I could think, is another player absorbed the short liability to stop MOASS, if a hedge fund liquidation just happened.

  36. Intuitive and plausible. Warrants some investigating. I’m a bit surprised nobody has a SHF tracking bot so we can see who shits the bed and the positions they held.

  37. Honestly probably right. C+35 puts todays FTDs at 06/16… right when ETF rebalancing as about to kick off (for example Russell rebalancing 3rd Friday of the June).

  38. If trading is halted...then who is selling shorted shares and who is buying if it's halted.......🧐🧐🧐🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡💩💩💩💩💩💩🤡

  39. No it wasn't. You don't get liquidated when prices go this low, you get liquidated when you fail to meet margin requirements if th price is high.

  40. The fund wasn't only in GME - look at all other tickers that pumped, many "normal" like amazon. They failed their margin call because the market was tanking overall, then were liquidated, and all their shorts got bought back. GME included.

  41. He's noy saying a fund got liquidated because gme went this low. He's saying a fund got liquidated because other stocks that were being used as collatoral went low and the fund probably failed to meet margin requirements. The price action today was from a forced buy in.

  42. They need to keep their AUM/Shorts ratio in check. If their AUM value slips and their shorts don’t go down in relation, then they get margin called. I’m sure this dance is exhausting.

  43. If that’s the case then we’d be in MOASS rn. If the computers covered for them then and the prices jumped how on earth would they still be fine if they got forced to buy at $81 but not $108??

  44. I feel like we need some type of challenges where we call out user names and they must buy one share and show proof of Drs ,like a drinking game, to really make things interesting.

  45. They can't close their positions when it's halted. I was already enjoying not selling, but it's a lot more fun when this is going on.

  46. Could also be GameStop buying back shares, they have $100M set aside for that right? Or it could just be legitimate buy pressure on our side since it got shorted so hard the last few days. Even volatility traders get in at these prices. Plenty of places the buys could come from imo

  47. A feasible possibility, I was thinking something similar....there 2as definitely a concerted effort to bash the price down hard before today, and it actually looked like it almost got away from them but they managed to rein it in

  48. OP is either really retarted and has not read any DD over the last year. Or this is a clever shill attempt to move attention away from FTD cycles.

  49. If only mate. We would be flying high. Markets have barely dropped. I think that hedge would have to be underwater for this to have crushed them

  50. Alright I admit it! I bought 4 more a bit after the market opened... Should I buy again as a test today?

  51. Smooth brain question. If the SHF was margin called it means they have more debt than assets. So they need to pay back their debt. Where do they get the money to buy back shares when they effectively have no money?

  52. I think the biggest take away from this scenario is that GME squeezing could possibly never force a MOASS. During last years sneeze, the MM's were caught off guard. They are now prepared and ready for the upcoming shit show of market manipulation and obvious corruption.

  53. Speculative trust me bro is 1 thing. Know where you got me thinking you are speaking bullshit of some kind? Your first and second edits. There is also talk it may have been institutions buying, others think RC and co bought more, some like you believe it was somehow a hf covering or closing. There are many possibilities in this fucked up market of ours.

  54. It's hilarious that people here are yelling"but you have no evidence!" while simultaneously believing that it was RC buying. Another theory which they have no evidence for.

  55. Yeah seeing the other meme stocks pump and the strength of the move this was my thought. But they were a small player, less than 100000 shares if that 84 000 order was it. Imagine what 1 million would do.

  56. If you watch the “basket” and spy and crypto etc.. you can see they all move together and have been for sometime.

  57. What I ask myself - when every liquidation/FTD covering whatever gets stopped by trading halts, how can we overcome the obstacle of halts? They can halt as much as they want to right? I really see a big problem through the halts as they (how I understood it) use the halts to short the stocks back down.

  58. It's possible a small family office was liquidated. They probably had a small short position in GME along with other things, but GME exposed them more than they could handle.

  59. How could other Hedge funds know a different one failed a margin call? That's not public info. I feel at best they would see the market tank and possibly guess a margin call was failed.

  60. Totally agreed at first I was like oh there goes RC then I looked at all the memes and they had the same exact trajectory. This was a basket being emptied, the whole market doesn’t follow one specific ticker.

  61. “I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet here.” Tells me all I need to know about what you think of collective groups and individuals doing their own research. I don’t need anyone talking down to me or fellow apes.

  62. I believe your edit 2 isn't taking Koss into consideration. It was was up like 28% on 8 shares bought premarket. Koss makes GME look liquid af.

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