Since there are no “Protections” now, THIS TWEET IS A FORESHADOWING WHATS NEXT

  1. Yep. Time for the “we couldn’t have seen this coming” as covering. And the “oh well now we’re taking things seriously we promise.”

  2. No, regulation won't help. Completely free and transparent markets based on crypto is the only way

  3. Institutional investor protections, not retail investor protections. Probably need distinguish the differences.

  4. Yes, I really loved his interview with Jon Stewart how he claimed the SEC took down Bernie Madoff – – when in fact he had turned himself in.

  5. Turning of the buy button in the gme gamma squeeze 2021 so the hedges get spared…nobody spared the little guys in 2008/09 loosing their homes!

  6. Federal investor protections = Entity to muddy the waters, control the narrative and point fingers when things go south.

  7. The follow up tweet should start out with, Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the same place a century later.

  8. And 100 years later it's still a rigged corrupt system for the rich to get away with stealing. Wake up something. Eliminate dark pools , no more pfof, no more ftds, all trades thru lit exchange, watch every market maker daily, eliminate spoofing. Limit short sales to 15% of any companies free float. All shares must have a locate. No more naked bullshit. This would make the markets fair, only when all of this is done. Prove me wrong....

  9. What Investor protection is Gary Fucktard Gensler talking about? Yo Gensler, shut the fucking Darkpools, then you might protect investors. Otherwise just shut the fuck up and respect truth and integrity. You corrupt fuck.

  10. If you are a bank that makes risky investments, you are around 1,000% protected. Scam a bunch of people They catch on and stop buying snake oil. Bank makes less profit than desired. Bank says “I lost a billion $”. Govt borrows $100B from Fed, owned by the same banks. Govt gives $10B to the bank. Fed pays dividends to the bank. Done.

  11. The 2020’s brought about the rise of electric automobiles, automation of factories, & large migration of Americans out of cities. The retail public could easily invest. There were basically no federal protections at the time due to regulatory capture, leading to a lot of pain for Hedgies once the Apes rose up.

  12. Versus what? Today? Where regulations exist but actively work against retail? Yeah...real progress there, fuckwad. GG, you too, are massive cunt and will get what's coming to you.

  13. And just how are we being protected now? 100 years later and they still dont have it and thats pathetic, just like Gary

  14. Maybe the SEC is foreshadowing/signaling that they are going to start actually regulating more? that would be nice. DOJ has been signaling that for sure recently.

  15. Gary Goonsler is nothing but a front by the greedy hedgies. A sticker on a glass window that simply states Violators Will Be Prosecuted and nothing more.

  16. Yo Big G! When you done checking yo' "youngest person to make partner at Goldman Sachs" monthly (daily???) dividend payment account.

  17. "Congressman if I could direct you to a tweet I made just before the Giga-Crash and this New Great Depression we're all now living through - I said they had no investor protections in the 20's, and it led to a lot of pain. So I did warn about it happening again, right before it happened again. So I did my job."

  18. There still isn't investor protection. Actually, you know what did happen, Gary? The banks were regulated after The Great Depression with the Glass-Steagall act. The one you wanted to get removed at Goldman Sachs.

  19. Citadel and the likes of blackrock and other massive financial entities are a terrorism cabal that is focused on destroying a fair market. The government is co conspirer in all of this. As always its up to the little guy to make it right. As soon as they shit the bed they gonna blame retail (they already are) they know the f’d up. Be patient my friends. Its coming. Hedgies r fuk.

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