There is currently a run on Coinbase to withdrawl LRC to private wallets

  1. I had whitelist enabled so transferring out to wasn’t happening, so then I sold and withdrew the funds, which I think is going to actually take longer. Smoothest of brains here.

  2. I have staked eth on there 😢. I don't think I can move it. I'm also a little crypto illiterate and wouldn't even know where else to put it.

  3. Seeing this thread made me do my final transfer out to my lvl2 wallet via layerswap. Only 13 LRC to move off of CEX forever.

  4. i didnt say this but cancel your card too and ACH $1000 after youve canceled then watch then magic, your instinct will know what to do next.

  5. Oh it that I told you so tastes so good. I used to get downvoted when I said not your wallet not your crypto in the LRC sub, especially regarding Cornbase. Yet here we are again, reality wins out over the bots. Some of you mega-corporations/funds are really slow learners. At least you found another way to lose even more money. Inflation can make money worthless but principles can't suffer the same fate. Fuck you and hooray for the dedicated peasants!

  6. I keep checking the balance. At 7pm Eastern time it's 2,234,438.461281974852544039 LRC and yesterday it says they had 4,715,653 LRC. That's a pretty significant drop. I wonder what it'll go down to.

  7. Because there isn't a supply crunch until Coinbase is forced to buy. OP is only showing COINBASE 2, which is one of their hot wallets. It currently has 2.9M LRC in it.

  8. Perhaps the SHF are attacking the apes finances by shorting LRC because they know many apes are holding both. It's likely much cheaper to drive the price of LRC down vs GME.

  9. I started off with Kraken and got a LoopRing Layer Wallet with Layer 2. All my stuff has been there for months. Not very much, but I never wanted to mess with CoinBase since it was already known Citadel was involved with it.

  10. Makes sense, I made a purchase this morning and sent them over immediately to my l2 wallet, so I bought $25 more at lunch around 12-1 and now it says I need to wait 6 days for them to be available to send over….

  11. It was disclosed that 256bil of their assets are custodial on behalf of customers. Basically, it’s not your money. If they go tits up and bankrupt, there goes your coin.

  12. I use a Nano X. If I send LRC to my ETH wallet, will it receive them? I dont think LRC has its own dedicated app in the Live software, does it? Can they be held in just an ETH wallet?

  13. If the loopering wallet wouldn't keep crashing every 3 seconds during set up. Now saying my number is already used and won't send me verification code.

  14. I'm guessing you're not the only one trying to set up a new wallet there. Stress test time for the system. 🚀✨🐵

  15. Happened to me too today. I sent a reset request through the ticketing service after I had to reinstall and got the number already used info

  16. Because you are transferring to L1. You can transfer up to 5000 LRC at a time using layerswap and have it directly sent to L2 for 3-5 LRC total.

  17. I tried creating a LRC wallet today and it would never finish the process… just got stuck on the “processing” final step both times. Infuriating.

  18. Only if the loop wallet wasn’t so complicated to open … hopefully gamestops is easier to setup I guess I’ll be at risk until then

  19. The knowledge base for loopring is useful if you take the time to poke around. A lot of short videos on the various processes grouped by subject.

  20. I have lrc and eth in Coinbase. Can I send to the new wall on game ? I've tried to buy directly. Nothing happened

  21. I sent all of mine to my LoopRing Wallet tonight, super easy with layerswap. Coinbase is about to be Robinhood 2.0

  22. Coinbase says they are at no risk of bankruptcy, so if you believe that then you are fine. I'm not implying that there is or isn't any risk of that, I really don't know what their financial position is like. There is indeed a massive run on LRC so when their reserves run dry, they will need to buy LRC to give to their withdrawing customers which I image would drive up the price.

  23. My IQ is like a room temperature number and still researching on the transferring from CB to the wallet 🥺 I will get it soon!

  24. I've been refreshing every so often, and watching 10's of thousands go out, with very little going back in... so why's the price slowly recovering? (.4 > .44)

  25. To anyone having issues setting up a loopring wallet, please go over to their discord. They have a ton of helpful people and resources there for you!

  26. They loaded back up around 3 hours ago. I linked in a post edit the 2 transactions. They bought 3.6m coins and have added more in small batches since.

  27. This. Any wrinkles on this? I’m far smoother on crypto than GameStop. Give me a year and half though maybe I’ll figure it out. Meanwhile I’d LOVE to get out of CB.

  28. So I don’t know if this is related or not. I’m relatively new to the crypto space. I purchased 1200 loops this morning on Coinbase pro. Tried to withdraw to my wallet a few hours ago and it said my portfolio only had 150ish loops. Now I checked and it has 250 loops. So slowly actually getting what I purchased. This liquidity issue is legit

  29. I bought almost 1,100 more LRC today when it dipped to 0.39, so 5,200 total. Need to transfer out of CB in a few days after funds clear. I was an early adopter so my cot basis is only 0.44 😎

  30. Can someone direct me to the best way to do this? I have my LRC in Coinbase and would like to transfer out to my loopring wallet if possible

  31. Well my small amount of LRC is stored on my own L2 wallet so its out of their hands lol. (Rapidly losing value as of recently but oh well lol)

  32. Got my LRC out luckily. I do have some BTC in my coinbase wallet, need to sort out what to do there. Can you move staked ETH?

  33. I moved the rest of mine from CB to LRC wallet. Is the fee to transfer from L1 to L2 currently 250LRC? Hot damn. I can’t leave it in layer 1 if I’m not planning on touching it right? Until these fees slow down.

  34. Is there any way to use the loopring in my Coinbase to pay to create a wallet? Im a poor fucker who bought his loop and rarely have more than $50 to my name in my bank. Lost my job a few months ago been scraping by on side work. I’d swap it over if I had money to set up my wallet. Or maybe imma go down with a sinking ship unfortunately

  35. you can use layerswap to transfer 50lrc to create L2 wallet. The 50lrc will be waiting for you after the L2 wallet is created. I can dm you instructions from Loopring sub if you want. Again, the 50lrc is not a fee, it’s used to keep bots from creating millions of wallets for no reason.

  36. The reason was the added disclosure in Coinbase recent filing that basically says in the event of a bankruptcy people's assets would be taken away as it's customers technically aren't the owners or something to the effect

  37. I transferred all my loops out months ago… felt good. I just have like $50 worth of some shit coin left in Coinbase that I’ll leave.

  38. I’ve sold everything on cb except for some vitalik 2.0 that’s locked. Is there anyway to get that money out or is it stuck. Ik it says to sell your assets before closing ur account

  39. I have an account and wallet with CB. But, it's 0 and they keep giving me notifications to add now. No, thanks. I'll pass. GL with staying afloat.

  40. Because there is no buying happening, it is just LRC that is in CB's wallet for the "benefit" of their clients, being taken by their clients and moved to a private wallet.

  41. I have lrc (and only lrc) in coin base. What do I do? Where do I go? Brain super smooth now worried

  42. Wait where do I transfer my coins to? I haven't been keeping up. I literally got a message saying LRC fell 25% in the past 6 hours to sub .50

  43. He as someone who is very uneducated in the crypto world, can someone please help me on what I should do? I hold LRC, ETH, and ADA in my coinbase account. Where should I move them too? I want to utilize the loopring in the smartest way possible. I’ve been buying here and there. Is there a specific loopring wallet I should sign up for and move it to? Sorry in advance and thanks for the help.

  44. did it like a dumb impulse transferred, instead of waiting till later tonight for lower gas fee, dont care if it hurts Steven Cohen im fine with a little hit, gonna wait till later tonight to transfer my IMX though.

  45. I transferred my loops months ago. But I just sold the small amount of IMX I had there and removed my cash.

  46. Am I the only one reading all this and hearing Charlie Brown’s teacher in my head? I have no idea what any of you guys are talking about, but I wish I did. 😂

  47. Can a guy buy loopring right off the loopring wallet? Or do you have to buy from say, coinbase, or binance and then transfer there? Haven’t looked into the whole loopring L2 stuff yet. So not sure how it all works

  48. You can buy directly using the Looprong wallet, via the Deposit button, the choose buy with card via Ramp or Banxa, the 2 available options for that currently.

  49. Funny I just got some LRC on CB and was going to transfer it to my LRC wallet till the ios gamestop store openes up …

  50. Thank you for this! I just moved all my LRC away from the centralized institution into my own personal little bank. Now I need to go through all the recommended security options. Guardians etc.

  51. All my Loopring is in cb where should I move it, I’m sure there’s a thread about this if someone could link

  52. Uhhhhh so I have a handful of coins left in CB. Just went to transfer them out and I am greeted with the message "please enter a valid phone number, address or email" when I try to send.

  53. For this past week I've been unable to buy on Coinbase for the first time, it just gives me a generic error and asks me to try again. So strange, can't even yolo this dip.

  54. Pulled out all of mine yesterday and put it in my own wallet. Should've done it earlier, but the last filing from Coinbase sealed the deal.

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