Quick Mafs, if US inflation is greater than 6.9% for the month of April. It will mean since 2020 inflation will have increased more than 11.1%. March 20-22 figures sit at 11.1% total increase. If it’s higher, the last few days are just the beginning of the crash!

  1. I see this some places, but others the prices are the same. McDonalds, what the fuck is up with the prices? Local Chinese place? Same as it’s been for 15 years, which is kind of silly.

  2. QT hotdogs were 0.99 a dog and 1.89 for 2 pre Covid. Now in 2022, one hotdog is 1.99 and 2 are 2.89. It’s insane how expensive everything has gotten in 2 years.

  3. It’s like that part of The Big Short where they have to go to Las Vegas to see the housing market for themselves because all the numbers simply don’t add up.

  4. Our neighbor is moving. Landlord increased the rent by 1k. Idk who he thinks is gonna pay that, it's already expensive. This is fucking absurd.

  5. The same Ribeyes that used to be $35 are now $56. What I used to be able to buy for $100 steaks,ribs,pork shoulder is now $180. Just glad I can still afford it. The wife’s boyfriend really enjoyed them.

  6. Remember it’s YoY by month April saw a 2 point increase vs March in 2021 from those months in 2020. So the baseline for April 2022 is already elevated and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a slight decrease

  7. Question: can someone explain how CPI was previously calculated and the difference to how it’s calculated now? I’m curious to what they cut out now that was included before.

  8. CPI is a weighted index, so they divide goods into categories (food, transportation, etc.) and assign each category a weight. These weight values determine the influence that each category has on the final CPI value.

  9. I’m not sure exactly, but they did change how they calculate inflation back in the early 2000’s. And ever since then inflation hasn’t looked as bad as it did before. Until now…

  10. It's gonna be 8.1% Total fucking scam number. FED going to claim interest rate slow victory. Were gonna get a pump and then shit is gonna fall off of a cliff.

  11. Not only is inflation high, but shrinkflation is high as well. I went to burgerking for the first time in years a few days ago and ordered a whopper jr. That shit was the size of my palm. No fucking way my hand grew big enough to make that burger look tiny as shit.

  12. That could be more acutely due to breakout of avian flu and having to destroy millions of chickens at once

  13. look at diesel setting new record all time highs... then consumers which buys things that get transported by trucks that use diesel. Everything is about to balloon in price.

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