You all thought it, I said it…

  1. This!!! It’s like they think we will believe anything they tell us. They wonder why no one trusts the media nowadays - they keep shoving garbage down their viewers throats.

  2. The fact that this is public data and nothing has been done about it really speaks volumes about the complicity of the SEC with the bad actors.

  3. Its your fault for buying and holding this long and they had to pump stocks for collateral and use expensive fuckery. Hahah

  4. You know what's even more humorous... it's highly unlikely they could even let the price rise to entice anyone to sell without it meaning their demise.

  5. In the face of interest rates increasing, I’m just independently investing in a company with no debt and $1b in cash. How does that destroy 401Ks?

  6. Yep. The SHFs have cheated and screwed up the market. We are just here supporting our favorite company. It has a super bright future regardless of the current circumstances.

  7. I burned my entire 401k on GME and then DRSed it. Fuck em. Worried about your 401k? Put it in GME. Problem solved.

  8. Because if you are “smart” you sell but you just fucking retard holding it. You don’t sell when it up or bloody down. You even fucking buy more when it dip. Now the Hedges are fucked.

  9. I think some mods work for Fox cause they removed my last post where I had my twitter handle in it still. Sooooooo many posts have twitter handles in it. Jokes.

  10. Blaming young investors “selling because they’ve never experienced a bear market” is such crap. Almost all of us are long on our stocks and not trading. I haven’t “traded” in over a year.

  11. This is the nature of the beast. They did it in 08’ too. The banks lent to people they knew couldn’t afford the mortgages, allowed them to draw on HELOCs with no collateral…then their cronies packaged all of the shit loans and re-sold them to their other cronies playing an epic game of hot potato all because they knew they were too big to fail.

  12. 2,800 companies listed on NYSE, but retail holders buying a group of 3 to 5 stocks and holding it has fucked up the market, great maths MSM

  13. If anything, retail hodling is helping prop up the market a bit, it's only a problem for them because Hedge Funds will need to sell their stock, which their 401Ks are made up of. They'll have to sell trillions worth in order to pay us, so yeah, the market, their 401Ks, their investments, all of it will take a hit, but that's not on Apes.

  14. Not on us at all. If holding a stock in a dying brick and mortar store crashes the market…then something is seriously wrong with the markets

  15. In a free market. A stock would rise if its getting bought, and drop if there is a sell off. In this freakshow, non of that matters. Every stocks drop in similar ways. The freakshow has been normalised. Many peoples beliefs systems, are like the branches in the wind. It blows in the direction told by the news. In this age of information/disinformation. It is easier for people to get spoon-fed by what to believe. No filter and no reason

  16. I love how they are bringing attention to themselves. Keep yelling! Get more people riled up and more eyes on the true problems.

  17. One thing. This is a not rich people “fuck up”. That implies an accident or some lack of knowledge of their actions. This is crime! Done on purpose to get richer.

  18. I'm enjoying the basic investment concept, buy and hold, with the benefit of having the shares in my name through Computershare.

  19. Thats like holding a driver responsible for a car thats designed poorly and causes the most accidents. Its not the consumers fault, its the company/designers fault.

  20. Yep. Checks out.. no issue for half a year.. all of a sudden things are getting weird round here. As fortold.

  21. As a non-US ape who does not watch US news, do they really blame holding retail investors for the crashing market? I just saw the clip of a woman on Fox I think saying 'we don't know where the floor of the crash is because meme stock investor don't know they should sell'.

  22. So earlier, retail is the problem because they Dont know when to sell. Then, retail is the problem because they're panic selling and from robbinghood.

  23. This is what my English teacher warned me about my entire senior year. The one time I write something worth something to others I have a grammar error and don’t proof read before sending: she’s pissed smh

  24. Meme investors are destroying your 401ks because we gambled with your money and lost it to them - some hedgefuk probably.

  25. Sad fact is that if a lot of people are messaging saying how crazy her sentence was, she will juts think she is now relevant and popular so will just carry on the crazy talk.

  26. When they start blaming apes for the crash …. Buckle the fuck up retards…. MOASS is riiiiight around the corner!

  27. Today A coworker told me that she heard (from the news) that meme stocks holders lost all their money. Just laughed and walked away

  28. This post was seriously upvoted in the span of just a few minutes...just like the other posts currently at the top of 'hot' with similar rhetoric.

  29. Yeah...I basically lost ALL respect for her when she spouted all that bullshit out. I actually liked her before this but now know she is just another paid shill like the rest of them. I think Charles is the only one that might be able to be trusted at this point.

  30. Well shit. If selling is good for the market, then I propose EVERYONE sell. Every god damn last one of those fuckers. Make an example. Go ahead. Fuck around and see what happens.

  31. Cause the people that have 401k never really own their shares. They thought they did but alas the just owned a digital numbers. It’s was never real. Just fake shares

  32. When I was a kid we were taught not to talk about religion or money. Money was left in the hands of my accountant uncle. Thats basically why Govt has left the money in the hands of those who know what to do with it. How stupid can you be?

  33. Regardless. There are over 2000 tickers on the NYSE. A few “meme” stocks that people are holding onto shouldn’t cripple anyones 401k’s.

  34. It depends on how big banks and institutions manage those 401k to avoid marginal calls or when the stock market go down because of the big banks other investments.

  35. Even if we were wrong I can't figure out how buying and holding a stick, which in this hypothetical scenario is worthless, would harm anyone except maybe the investor.

  36. Isn't it interesting shortly after gme they took hedge funds and bought out houses and raised the cost of them from 100k to 300k... I'm not really sure you are winning. I mean good for you but the people with real money to play with just manipulate other markets.

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