Clown on Fox Business blaming retail for panic selling

  1. They can't keep their story straight, because it's all made up. The truth is we are holding and the economic crumbling is not our fault. But they cant say that, so...

  2. Lol this guy says that “new retail” is panic selling and then says it’s like carbon monoxide, you can tell it’s there… so how da Fuk he know it’s retail if you can’t see it?

  3. Retail investors are lucky for their orders to even show up on lit markets and this dude wants to act like their the ones driving the prices?

  4. What the hell is this guy saying “15-20 million Robinhood users” I think he means “15-20 Robinhood users” 🤣 I love boomer reporters bullshit they push. So damn stupid

  5. ... well RH? Those fkers dont even buy shares... hand out you fake one as its "real". RH revenue is 75% on PFOF. Literally trading air. This panicking lil bitch is talkin shit.

  6. Yeah earlier today we were told we needed to sell, now we're getting told we need to hold? Good thing I've got my shares DRSed and don't even know how to sell through Computershare or I would've sold everything earlier!!! God I wish I were less stupid so I could understand the brilliant minds working for the MSM

  7. Anyone on robinhood is an idiot yes but one thing is those idiots can’t sell Pre and post market. The markets were all down big at 5am - I track that shit then yep and I’m an autist - no idiot ! I too bought more Gme as instructions were and have been clear. Buy hold drs and vote

  8. I feel like (can't confirm) most of retail is just passively invested through 401k, IRA, and other vehicles. Crashes on no news require a more centralized effort. 100 million people don't wake up on the same day and say "You know what? Today is the day I sell it all."

  9. He did specify ppl buying on margin, not necessarily specifically GME, are the ones panicking. Maybe he is right. Most people in my circle thinks I'm nuts and they carry on with their day trade, posting wins and losses on their weeklies, notes and lessons learned from each trade. Sprstnk'ers only make up a small fraction of retail. None of us use margin (I hope). The majority us leave our stash at our agents vault.

  10. I'm also confused because I thought retail trades could go to dark pools at the whim of market makers and therefore any sell or buy is really Hedgies hedging hedges that are hedgeable.

  11. Yes Robin Hood investors own the market and are panicking selling trillions of dollars worth of stock...(Sarcastic voice)... Real news, you have to have millions, billions or trillions of dollars to be able to sell off that many shares in a bear market... Cough cough hedge funds!

  12. I think they're trying to say Robinhood investors bought boomer stocks on margin and are now dumping them 😂😂😂 You got me fox i knew i shouldn't of spent $20,000 of my $420 life savings on shares of Amazon and Netflix. That's certainly why those stocks are fucking crashing rn

  13. I like to schedule my panic selling. And then I hide it from myself so I don't know when it's going to happen. That way, my panic is a fun surprise. As opposed to Kenny G. Mayoboy's constant daily manic panic suppression.

  14. Um…So wait.. if you “don’t really know how many institutions” are selling then how do you know how many are retail? 🤡

  15. Bad faith argument when so many of these blue chip companies have huge institutional ownership. He know's that, but rather feign ignorance

  16. People really need to listen to this guy. It’s the RobinHood investors that are selling. Now what they’re selling or panicking about he’s not going to say but trust him. It’s not us though.

  17. You can tell theres real panic when the talking points become this inconsistent. Legit nobody understands wtf is happening so folks are grasping at staws.

  18. After everyone figure out that Wall Street is playing with mutual funds, pension funds, ETFs and 401K.

  19. By…. Not selling? Or is this one blaming retail FOR selling? Which is it? Are we all selling everything or not selling everything and how is it both simultaneously causing a crash?

  20. If every retail investor combined their assets we still couldn’t make the global markets move like this wtf😂😂.

  21. Can't believe they are actually setting up this narrative. Actually surreal that "speculative" DD from a year & a half ago is being confirmed right before our eyes.

  22. Noooo, retail is getting out of everything but gme so they don't lose all of their money. How dare them sell before the bank can

  23. I want to see data that retail is panic selling. Without data, you're literally just guessing. How are we supposed to believe anything these "experts" say? Pathetic.

  24. As if retail doesn't have the right to purchase ownership in a company and keep it for as long as they'd like, or sell that ownership whenever they like for whatever reason they want.

  25. I mean he's right. It's about leverage. But it isn't fucking retail. It's the bank and hedge funds that are currently getting crushed by these rising interest rates. They got their hands smashed in the cookie jar and could deleverage as quickly as they wanted/needed to. Imo that's why the fed waffled so much on raising interest rates, they knew the hedies were fukd and still are. This is their panic sell off tantrum as a last resort to try and really shake out retail that's gotten by the balls.

  26. As if the typical retail person even gives a single shit about a .5% interest rate hike. Like, oh hell yeah, my credit union is offering .25% on a money market now, time to liquidate all my portfolio.

  27. All his words seemed jumbled up and made no sense but he had to get in that dumb money were selling coz they can't stand the heat in the kitchen.

  28. If you mute him you can clearly tell the purple tie represents a ring around his neck. DRS is the stranglehold. DRS is the way.

  29. Lolol panic selling haha most people don't know what the fuck is going on and don't own stock. What a clown indeed.

  30. How tf do you say it’s retail panic selling and in the same sentence say that you can’t tell who’s doing the selling, retail or institutions? Good lord. I hope the viewers of America catch on to that bogus shit they spew

  31. This makes me furious. So much gaslighting and the problem is, people who aren’t involved, believe the MSM

  32. 15-20 million investors at even a mil invested( obviously way high lol) is still only 15-20 mil or less than an average float. I do feel sorry for the uneducated people believing this garbage

  33. Can someone tell me how these people can get away with saying that retail is responsible for the market crashing? Like where is this data available? Wtf

  34. People really are so used to just being spoon fed information by MSM on TV and radio etc. with no questions asked that apparently you can just say what you want and it'll stick with enough people. E.g. shit like this that really makes no sense. It's just a stream of verbal diarrhea with a few buzzwords you're supposed to retain. If you listen back to it a few times you really are taken aback like what?!

  35. This guy speaks like he’s fucking retarded. But ya I bought GME so therefore the entire stock market goes red. Totally makes sense.


  37. "You don't know how much the institutions have as well" motherfucker you spent the whole time blaming retail while barely mentioning the big boys. What a fucking fraud.

  38. Well I mean, it's been foretold since this started that they're going to blame retail for the crash since the day this started. Once again, not wrong, just early

  39. Yea, it sucks being a retail investor in a bear market. Not as bad as being a hedgefund caught in a short position you cannot close. That would be really bad.

  40. Bruh, I’ve had it with these BOZOS. It’s time we take them ALL DOWN. IT’S TIME FOR THEM TO SEE THE TRUTH. LET THEM ALL BURN 🔥

  41. Him saying that retail investors get leveraged to the tits almost makes it sound like fair game since we know MANY institutions are at least leveraged 10x

  42. Robinhood really fucked themselves. If they had not shut off the buy button, they would be swimming in money and probably would have been one the best trading apps.

  43. What a surprise! The same people who told us where to invest our money in the past doesn’t know how the markets work. LMAO

  44. Little do these assholes know that I have spent my entire life being blamed for something I didn’t do. I’m a middle child. I’m used to this shit. It’s child’s play to me.

  45. Why the fuck would I sell at a huge loss on an illegally over shorted manipulated stock? What a stupid bitch

  46. The only thing that came out of his mouth that didn’t make me want to puke was “this is all about leverage” Fucking right it is. Greedy mother fucking billionaire who over leveraged themselves way over their heads.

  47. I haven’t sold anything and definitely not my coveted GME shares. Just trying to unload some call options before they go worthless but no one is buying far OTM calls right now.

  48. if only they knew i was excited seeing it dip double digits, i dumped another 2 grand in it today... gotta love averaging down

  49. Wtf is carbon mineoxide? Whatever it is that dude is clearly huffing it Also I panic bought 13 more shares by the end of the day. Sorry for all your 401ks

  50. Leverage by the big players. Leverage by the bank. The narrative will always shift blame from the morons that did this to the scapegoats they want to blame.

  51. I thought we deleted the sell button last year? Also, I don't own any of those boomer stocks either.. (I mean I would own apple but.. naw)

  52. I’m responsible, motherfucker. I buy in cash. No margin here. Now pay up. Sure is about leverage.

  53. Hmmmm Bil Hwang was given 80Billion on margin (and who knows what other firms have been given that type of leverage) but noooo, it’s the retail investor who at max has like what 10k on margin that’s the problem.

  54. Lmao, there are 15 M retards from DoulbleU S B still on RH ? All my homies left that dumpster a whale ago.

  55. 20 mil robbinghood investors? Lol clearly he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about...they are going down the tubers

  56. It’s like carbon monoxide you can’t really tell it’s there. And nobody knows how much the institutions have. But on the other hand, it’s definitely retail creating selling pressure. No doubt about it.

  57. It’s almost like the only reason retail was ever allowed to engage in the first place was because it would be the perfect and endless scapegoat

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