Good God Almighty, Gamestop is going to make an absolute fortune in wallet fees alone (swap fees, trade fees, deposit fees, purchase fees, fees fees). I am pretty sure WallStreet has decided to overlook this big donkey dick detail. Maroons.

  1. FACT!!!!... not even my bank which I know has the lowest rates of all the banks in my country charges me 0,3% ... it is 1.2%

  2. Yeah being a layer 2 wallet alone with such versatility is a game changer alone this with the NFT market and grants in NFT games means this is gonna become a empire.

  3. Idk what this means but all I need to know is “Gamestop is going to make an absolute fortune.” Good enough for me. Done. Continue to hodl.

  4. It will cost the same to trade. Example only: If it costs $1 to make a trade, and LRC price is currently $1, it will cost 1 LRC. When LRC rockets to $10, the trade will still only cost $1 or .1 LRC.

  5. Wallstreet doesnt have to overlook it, they already got it with the banks. They are propably too stuck in their ways to realize theyre losing their grip.

  6. They didn't overlook it. They know. But having everything automatically done will delete all their relatives jobs. So they fight the technology in order to not become obsolete.

  7. They should just have a "Total fees" line with amount in USD and percentage. Nobody cares where the fees are going and no one is going to do quick LRC to USD math in their head.

  8. You are way off on this. I could elaborate but I have a feeling someone will do it better than I can. If not, I’ll come back to share my thoughts.

  9. Gamestop is going to make the Robbinhood of nft marketplace apps except they aren't pieces of shit from Bulgaria and instead of pfof which is payment for insider knowledge, they are getting payment in the form of fees to pay for the service you're using. I'd rather pay Google a $1 every month and in turn they don't track and sell my data but that'll never happen cause they'll make way more doing shady shit. RC and GS fuck so hard! (.)(.)-->(')(')

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